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Have a product you want featured on and my other social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)? PR inquiries are welcome and I do accept samples for review consideration. Note that I cannot guarantee a review, nor can I guarantee timelines on posts as well. Why? LipstickRules is not my full-time gig so it can take me time to write and post a full review. However, check my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page (links below on the right) as I often include pictures and thoughts on a day to day basis.

Blog posts that contain PR samples will be noted either within the body post or at the end of the post. I strive to offer a balanced and honest view always. Also note that I do not do sponsored or paid posts at this time. Any questions? Drop me a line.


LipstickRules is open for advertising opportunities. However, only relevant ads will be selected. Please contact me for details.


All photos and content are copyrighted by LipstickRules unless otherwise stated. If you would like to use an image or content from LipstickRules, please contact me.

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