You Need These: MAC’s Extra Dimension Blushes – Autoerotique and Pleasure Model

MAC’s Extra Dimension collection came out right after Christmas, and I have to admit, I didn’t pay much attention. Over the years, I have had to force myself not to pay attention as it seemed I was spending loads of money on every Limited Edition collection MAC released. But a week or so ago, something struck a chord with me with this collection. I read reviews, watched vloggers and I suddenly felt compelled to have two blushes from the collection: Autoerotique* and Pleasure Model. I’m glad I caved in because these are amazing. If you are a blush fan, you need to run, and I mean run to your local MAC counter and investigate.

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NARS Luxembourg Satin Lip Pencil Takes Centre Stage

NARS Luxembourg Satin Lip Pencil has been on my wish list forever. Anytime I was at a Sephora or a NARS counter, I would swatch it, want it but yet talk myself out of it. “You don’t ‘need’ it,” I told myself. Well, finally just two weeks ago, the ‘want’ finally became too much and I hit checkout on So glad I did because this colour is divine.

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Love This: Cherry Glaze Huggable Lip Colour from MAC

To kick off the New Year, I decided to put myself on a spending ban…on clothing. Considering it’s only mid-January, I like to think I’ve done well so far. But you know what they say about one door closing, another opens. And this door has opened to makeup hauling. Oh yes. I confess. There’s been some hauling. First haul of the year was for MAC’s new Huggable lipsticks, a limited edition range of moisturizing glossy lipsticks.

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NARS Final Cut Blush Collection

Hello lovelies. Let’s talk blush today, shall we? NARS blush, in particular. I’ve been a big, and I mean Julia Roberts/Pretty Woman “Big”, fan of NARS blush. There isn’t a week when I don’t reach for a NARS blush. So, when I heard the company was releasing four, yes, four new Limited Edition blushes as part of its Final Cut Collection*, I was more than a little excited.I was able to preview the four blushes: New Attitude, Love, Final Cut, and Sex Fantasy. After a week or so of wearing around, I have some advice: you just might need to pay a visit to your NARS counter to do a little swatching. Yes, indeed.  These are definitely worth a look.

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Enchanted by Mary Kay Glossy Lip Stain

I continue to ‘find’ products in my must-review-someday drawer that I wish I had noticed earlier. The latest, another lip product, comes from Mary Kay, and is a Glossy Lip Stain in the colour, Enchanted Mauve. It’s love, love, love.

I think I initially ignored it because I thought it was just another pink gloss. But hey hey, ho, ho, this is not just an ordinary gloss. Like Lancome’s L’Absolu Velours, this is also one of the hybrid lipgloss/lipstick/lipstain products that we’re seeing more and more of in the market. Read more