Absolutely. Obsessed about L’Absolu Velours from Lancome

I have been such a bad beauty blogger. In recent days, I’ve come across products sitting in my ‘must-review sometime’ drawer — products that have been sitting there for months and in some cases, more than a year. So when I come across products that have been sitting there that are freakin’ amazing, yes, freakin’ amazing, I kick myself just a tiny bit. How could I neglect such gems? One of these gems is a line of liquid lipsticks from Lancome called L’Absolu Velours.* I haven’t heard a tonne about these in the beauty blog sphere, but I think maybe it’s only a matter of time. These are amazing.

I tested out two colours. The first, Velours de Caprice (#193), is a gorgeous warm red, which I think is one of the most perfect reds I’ve ever come across. It’s considered the ‘star’ shade and is the velvet version of the iconic L’ Absolu Rouge shade. I will definitely be showing this one a lot of love. Read more

On this day I liked my makeup…and so, a post!

Happy New Year, beauties! Even though it’s snowy and cold in my part of the world, I decided to go with a summery look the other day, choosing bronzes and corals. It was a nice change, and I was actually quite pleased with the results so finally I have a post I can share!

The colour I chose for my lips was See Sheer by MAC, a long-time favourite. It is to me a nice change from the dark vampy colours and bright pinks I typically sport during this season.

Read more

Ah, Lipgloss, How I Neglect Thee

Ah, lipgloss. Probably the most neglected items in my collection as a result of my obsession with lipstick, blush, bronzer…and so on. But the other day while looking for a lipstick, a gloss did grab my attention. It was bright, it was reddish pink and right up my alley. So wear it I did, and I was a happy mama that day. And since that day, this gloss is the sole gloss that it’s in my ‘most used’ products.

The gloss in question is Bite Beauty’s Garnet*, a beautiful reddish pink that packs a punch of high gloss goodness. Read more

The Case for Wearing Red Lipstick This Holiday Season

Can we talk about one of my favourite subjects again ladies? Red lipstick. Yes, I know I previously said you are either a red lipstick girl or not. But I’m going to try and make a case that this season, you should try red — even if it’s just a teeny tiny amount. It’s such a happy and festive colour, and if there’s one time of year, you should try to wear it, it’s now!

You have so many formulations to choose from these days, from sheer lip gloss like Bobbi Brown’s new limited Edition Red lipgloss* or a full-on retro matte lipstick like MAC’s Russian Red. So there is no excuse right? Read more