I Confess: I Had A Moment Of (Makeup) Weakness

I have a confession. I hauled. I haven’t used that word in a while but today I couldn’t help myself.  From the comfort of my couch, I finally hit ‘checkout’ at Sephora online, the first time I’ve done this in a year! Yipeee!

I’m often asked why I still continue to buy makeup when I have so much already, and am fortunate enough to receive stuff regularly as a result of the blog.  There’s an easy answer to this. I’m a makeup fanatic through and through. It’s in my DNA. While I love what I have and feel very fortunate to receive press samples, it’s a totally different experience to actually pick what you want. It’s what I enjoy and I haven’t done it in a while to this extent at least.  And honestly, there are worse addictions in life than what I have, right?

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, maybe you’ve noticed that my makeup shopping sprees are few and far between these days. Gone are the days I would stalk the MAC counters when a new Limited Edition collection was released. These days, I do my research before jumping in and more often than not, the majority of my ‘extra’ makeup purchases are refills or replacements of products I already use.


What? No Lipstick?

Not sure if you noticed but I basically used one photoshoot from this weekend to cover off all the products I’ve been talking about this week. Gotta squeeze it in when you can, right? Anyway, a few people have asked me what lipstick colour I’m wearing in the pictures.

Well, here’s the thing. That was a no lipstick day. The first in a long, long time. Go figure.

You see, on this day, I thought my eye makeup was enough. It was heavier than I normally wear and I couldn’t be bothered to look for a nude lipstick so a swipe of clear Baby Lips lip balm was it.

So much for Lipstick Rules. ;-)

It’s Prime Time with Clinique’s All About Shadow Primer for Eyes

I’ve been a dedicated user of Too Faced Shadow Insurance for years. It was the only thing that I could rely on to ensure my eye makeup stayed put all day. The key words here, my friends: ‘was the only thing.’  I have since come across something that is equally, if not, better in my books. It’s from Clinique and it’s the All about Shadow Primer for Eyes.

I received this months ago to test out, but it sat in the ‘must-review’ drawer for a while. It wasn’t until I ran out of the Too Faced product that I whipped this out. And now, it is something I reach for daily.  More

Lives up to the Hype: Hourglass Ambient Powder in Dim Light

When I first saw the Hourglass Ambient Powders at Sephora, it wasn’t an instant purchase. I hummed and hawed not sure if I wanted to fork out $52 for one compact.  In my view, this is a major investment and I needed to be sure it would be worth it. So back online I went, reading blog post after blog post. I found myself back at Sephora on another day, still not convinced. A friendly sales associate spoke to me about the virtues of the powders, and tried one of the powders, Dim Light, on my face. In the store, I really couldn’t see much of a difference but something compelled me to buy it anyway.

I was convinced I just got sucked in by hype. I felt like kicking myself. What did I get myself into? Did I just blow $52 plus tax?!


Ask Santa For This: NARS Day Dream Blush

Guys, I think I’m in blush love. It’s Day Dream*, a Limited Edition blush from NARS’ Guy Bourdin Holiday Collection. It’s peachy, it’s pink, and it’s gorgeous.

Wearing this makes me want to break into spontaneous singing. Even on the most ‘blah-est’ of days, this brings such a beautiful glow to the cheeks. Happy, happy. While it may seem more like a spring/summer type of colour, I find this works equally well with darker vampy lipsticks or smokey eyes/nude lip combos. More

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