Glowy with a Chance of Fuchsia

Well, hello there.  It’s been a while hasn’t it? Life took over and I have to say it was nice to take a break from writing. Makeup wise, I’ve I’ve been trying to sport a different look every day. I do the same with clothes and by doing this, I find it makes going to work way more fun.

On this particular day, it was all about this lipstick, Joe Fresh Watermelon, a deep fuchsia matte. Gorgeousness. I dug this lipstick up from a huge pile that I really, really need to whittle down. I’m glad to have rediscovered it as it’s such a lovely colour.

Since it is a statement colour, I paired Watermelon with simple, understated makeup with a focus on glowy skin: NARS Albatross highlighter, NARS Sheer Glow foundation, Hourglass Ambient Powder in Radiant Light, and NARS Deep Throat blush. Super fun, and easy look to do.

On another note, I’ve started on a path to health and wellness, including starting the 17 Day Diet. It’s this book from a doctor that’s been on the show, The Doctors. In this diet, there are four cycles, each of which lasts 17 days. Cycle 1 is focused on eliminating breads, rice, and other starches and focusing on lots of veggies, fish, chicken and turkey. I’m not gonna lie and say it is easy, especially giving up the carbs and red meat – and wine! But so far, I’ve lost 8lbs (note, I started the diet 8 days ago but I’ve actually started cutting back on unhealthy eating habits over the last three weeks). I will be adding exercise to the regime this week and hopefully more results. There are three other phases to go, where you start to reintroduce healthy carbs, red meat etc. We’ll see how it goes!

What have you been up to?

Hello, Lodhi

I recently bought NARS Lodhi Satin Lip Pencil as part of the Sephora VIB sale, and I attribute this purchase due to what I call BBI, Beauty Blogger Influence. Yes, indeedy, thanks to the advice and reviews of fellow beauty bloggers like Sunny, this lip pencil quickly rose to the top of my wish list for Spring.

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It was Shopping Fate: MAC’s Red Balloon (Limited Edition)

Ah, MAC, you got me this time.  So much for my willpower. I was doing so well at being much more selective about my makeup purchases, and not falling for every single Limited Edition (LE) collection released by one of my favourite brands. But this willpower went out the window as soon as I saw this LE lipstick: Red Balloon. Yes, I can say it was likely love at first sight.

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Inspired by Kate

I’ve been obsessed over the royal tour currently taking place  in New Zealand and Australia. I can’t get enough of Kate, Wills, and of course, little Prince George. Today, I was inspired by Kate’s makeup i.e. heavier eyeliner, lots of blush and a nude lipstick.  It’s funny though — no matter how much I think I’ve slapped on my face, it never looks like that much in pictures.

I know Kate is often criticized for lining her eyes heavily but I think she always looks flawless and beautiful. If you find a look that you love and you feel great, then why not go for it, right?

For my look, I didn’t line my eyes as much as Kate does but it is a tad more than what I normally wear.Continue Reading

Do you have an Everyday Lipstick?

Do you have an ‘everyday’ lipstick?  I wish I did. I tend to gravitate from one lipstick to another, falling in and out of love with various colours and formulas. But there are lipsticks in my collection that would fall perfectly into the realm of perfect, everyday lipsticks. These lipsticks are ones that aren’t too ‘out there’ in terms of colour (no fuchsia here!), but still give enough of a colour impact to look like you’re wearing something. These everyday lipsticks truly are ‘my lips but better’ colours.

One of the lipsticks that falls into this category for me is Revlon Colorburst in Rosey Nude, a beautiful but often neglected gem in my collection.  I forgot how much I loved this lipstick. It glides on beautifully and adds the perferct amount of a pinky brown.

The colour worked well paired with my outfit of the day, which centered around a mint cardigan, and black and white stripes. (Oops, don’t tell my husband he made it into a FOTD ;-) )

Unlike many lipsticks in my collection, I’m actually almost done this tube. I am definitely going to repurchase this one(Update: I’ve since heard from a lovely reader that the ColorBurst lipsticks have been discontinued. Heart-broken lipstick lover here as I love so many colours from that line).

Read my previous review of this colour plus other comparable, “my lips but better’ colours here.

Do you have an everyday lipstick?