QOTD: Order order! What do you do?

When it comes to putting on my makeup, I follow a particular order. All the time. I don’t mix it up. Here’s what I do:

1) eyes (shadow, mascara, brows)
2) foundation & powder
3) bronzer (if I bronze)
4) blush
5) highlight
6) lipstick and/or
7) gloss

What do you do? Do you stick to a particular order all the time? Or are you flexible?

New found love Part 2: Watermelon lip stain from Joe Fresh Cosmetics

My new love affair with lip stains continues with a lip stain from Joe Fresh Cosmetics. A little bit of background:

The Joe Fresh brand is the brainchild of Joseph Mimran, who has been a prominent contributor to the fashion and design industry for more than 25 years. Joe has developed luxury fashion brands including Alfred Sung, Club Monaco, and Caban, and contributes to Pink Tartan and Tevrow + Chase collections. The Joe Fresh line of products are currently only available at Loblaws Superstores in Canada and its affiliate grocery chains. I love the clothes and beauty products as they are cool and affordable! Here’s my take on the lip stain:

Joe Fresh Lip stain ($6)
Any time I go grocery shopping I always do a quick scan of the Joe Fresh beauty section for anything ‘new.’ I’ve been curious about the lip stains for a while and recently picked up the lip stain in Watermelon which is a deep pink/red.

The stain goes on smoothly and has a light fruity smell. It is like a pen/marker but applies smoothly. Unlike the Revlon product, it doesn’t feel dry on your lips. The pigmentation is amazing.

This also lasts all day and doesn’t budge unless you use a makeup remover. I think it’s a great alternative to higher end products as it is very affordable! I might pick up a couple of other colours in the coming months. So again, a two thumbs up for this lip stain. I might be a lip stain convert now.

Here’s shot from the same series from the other day. Again excuse the shiny face/lack of makeup/dark bags under eyes and very messy hair (didn’t realize how big my forehead is without my bangs – LOL). Wow, that’s a mouthful. Just trying to show lip product while cooking dinner for the famille. Keeping it real people. LOL.

Joe Fresh Beauty products aren’t sold online and are exclusive to Canada at this point.

New found love: Lip stains from Beauté Cosmetics

As you all know I love my lip products. I’ve mainly stayed true to lipsticks and glosses and the like, hardly venturing to the land of lip stains. A few months ago, I did try a Revlon product that didn’t work for me (hello dry lips!) and I thought that would end my experimentation with these kinds of products. Until two products from two different companies entered my life recently: Beauté Cosmetics and Joe Fresh Cosmetics. First up is Beauté Cosmetics, a luxury Canadian beauty brand created by makeup artist Beau Nelson.

Beauté Cosmetics Liqui-Gel Stains ($29)
Recently, I had the opportunity to test out two of these stains, Flouron and Fever. The products are meant to be used on the lips and cheeks. The company describes Flouron as “sheer vividly fluorescent pink, inspired by the Thai Pink Orchid of which Orchid Extract OS is derived from.”
In person, I think it looks more like fluorescent orange, which instantly made me skeptical. How could that colour look good on anyone, I thought?

Fever is a deep blood-red colour in the tube. The company describes it this way, “sheer fevered red provides a romantic neo-classical flush to the skin and lips.” Again, this colour also scared me a bit at first because it was so dark and looked like a vial of blood, which of course made me think of Twilight. LOL. Are you guys getting used to me mentioning Twilight in almost every post?!

All worries went out the window, however, when I began wearing these. I love these products. You get an almost cooling sensation when you apply the product with the applicator. And the pigmentation is amazing. Flouron isn’t orange but gives a lovely pink flush to your lips. Fever is a gorgeous deep red.

I added gloss on top of each of these (a pretty pink gloss from Beauté called Medusa) to see how it would affect the colours and the results were gorgeous. I couldn’t stop staring at my lips. I went over to my husband today as I was playing with the stains again and told him, “see the pigmentation, it’s amazing!” He just looked at me in his way and nodded. LOL.

I haven’t tried these on my cheeks yet but look forward to seeing how they compare with Benefit’s tints.

As for longevity, the stain lasts all day and you will need to use makeup remover to get it off completely.

The only downside for budget conscious makeup mavens is that these are a bit pricey at $29. That said, I think I would budget it in for myself to get the two additional colours available so far, especially Harlot which is a dark purple that I think would be gorgeous. Overall I give these a two thumbs up!!

Here are two photos of me wearing the two stains. I wasn’t really wearing any other makeup for these so don’t look too closely at anything else but the lips. And also note that despite my attempts to look glam for the photos, I had a little visitor popping up in the background of my photos. Puts things in perspective!

Flouron (below)

Fever (below) – excuse messy hair – Saturday late afternoon and cooking dinner in between glam shots ;-)

As I was sent these products, I can’t comment on how to order products but I do know the company has an online store and is available in select locations in Canada and the U.S. For more information about Beauté Cosmetics click here: beaute-cosmetics.com

Stay tuned for my review of Joe Fresh’s take on lip stains.

Goodies from Italy! Swap with Lyd (Alice in a New Wonderland)

Hello blogesses,

My weekend started off on a high note yesterday. When I got home, I was thrilled to see a package waiting for me from the gorgeous Lyd from Alice in a New Wonderland.

This summer, Lyd and I agreed to an Italy-Canada swap. Lyd was interested in getting her hands on Urban Decay and a chance to try Canadian brands — and I was interested in Italian brands like Pupa and Deborah.

I LOVE everything Lyd picked out and am excited to add to my daily makeup arsenal. Here’s a summary of what she sent over:

-Deborah lipstick in Rosetto Light Creator (01): a beautiful raspberry pink with shimmer. This is GORGEOUS. I thought I had every lipstick colour possible but Lyd I can say for a fact that I have NOTHING like this in my collection. I love it. It adds a great pop of colour to my face.

-Deborah lip liner #198: pretty pink that is very smooth to apply

-Pupa baked eyeshadow duo: very pretty champagne and neutral highlight colour. Again super gorgeous and smooth to apply

-Pupa Velvety Baked Blush: very pretty raspberry colour that reminds me of MAC mineralize blushes. So pretty on when I swatched. I can’t wait to try it out.

-Deborah glitter eye pencil #5: this speaks to my new-found love of all things navy. This pencil is has a hint of glitter and is a deep navy colour. Love it!

-Deborah Wild Jungle gloss in Tangerine Tiger: I wouldn’t say it’s a tangerine colour but more on the raspberry side. It’s got great pigmentation, is not sticky and looks fabulous on top of the lipstick Lyd sent. I love the name of this too!

-Valentina by Kejal pigment: a gorgeous green pigment that is so finely milled. I can’t wait to try this out. Will work out great I think in combination with the Photo Realism quad from MAC that I just picked up.

-And an assortment of samples from Vaglia d (facial masks) and Collistar

I’m already LOVING the Deborah lipstick — it has this beatiful shimmer but is such a sophisticated pinky red colour. I put the Deborah gloss on top and it is just gorgeous. This could be the start of a Deborah lippie addiction (watch out Lyd I might be contacting you again to get my hands on more of these!)

It gets better. On top of this, Lyd was so sweet to include candy for my son and a pretty pink charm necklace for my daughter (she wore it right away and I heard her tell my husband, ‘daddy this came from mommy’s friend in Italeeee.”)

I’ve done a number of swaps since I started blogging and I must say that the the best thing about swapping for me is not the goodies. These to me are a bonus. For me, it’s the opportunity to get to know such wonderful and thoughtful people like Lyd, learn more about their lives, and what they like. It’s so much fun shopping for another person too, and the fact that it is another beauty fan, it makes it even more fun. I’m constantly amazed at how friendly and kind everyone is in our community. Gives me warm fuzzies ;-)

Thank you Lyd — I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you better through this swap and look forward to our continued ‘online’ friendship.

As you always say:

kiss, kiss,


Lipstickrules.com – Live

In case you saw something weird go on with my blog today, it’s because we moved over to the custom domain Lipstickrules.com
Apologies for any confusion!

And just a note, I’m still going through issues with blogger and me missing as a follower in terms of number/icon though I still get your feeds in the Dashboard (so don’t worry I am still following if you know I’ve subscribed to you).