Fall Shadow Alert: I Cannes, I Will! from Benefit

I fell for this shadow whilst I was doing some ‘research’ for this blog. It is one of Benefit’s new Fall shadows and it’s called I Cannes, I Will. It is a gorgeous mauve/purple with a bit of gold sparkle. I can see using it alone with just a bit of eyeliner for an easy peasy look. You can build up the colour to intensify or apply as a sheer wash. Just lovely!

This is my first Benefit powder shadow purchase. I love their creaseless cream shadows too. Anyone else try Benefit’s powder shadows? Thoughts?

QOTD: Do you reapply?

On a typical work day, I’m done my makeup routine by 6 a.m. Early I know. But that’s the life this makeup mama leads. The makeup I put on at that time is what is on my face for the rest of the day. I don’t reapply anything during the day except for lipstick and/gloss after I’ve had lunch, and powder to try and ward off the shine. That’s it.

The funny thing is I bring a whole whack of makeup with me to work — blush, sometimes bronzer, lip pencil, and other assorted things that remain in my makeup bag. Unused. I don’t know why I do it. If anything, all this makeup does is weigh down my purse. Maybe it’s like my security blanket. LOL.

So over to you. Do you touch up your makeup during the day? If so, what do you do? Do you bring makeup with you when you go to work/school/out & about and do you use it all?

Fave New Blog (that I follow) of the Month: Fresco Phyrra!

Victoria from Lily loves Lola just did a ‘share the love’ post about a new blog she was loving. I think this is a great idea as there are so many cool blogs out there that deserve our attention. I’m going to call this Fave New Blog of the Month. I’m not saying these are new blogs per se but they are new ones that I follow. For August, my vote goes to Fresco Phyrra.

Phyrra does the most AMAZING FOTDs that are unique and inspiring! I just came across her blog this week and so glad I did.

Oldie but Goodie: MAC brush #1

Ladies, let me introduce you to the oldest brush in my collection – the MAC brush #1. It has lost a bit of its original shape but it still is a great powder brush.

I bought this way back in the 1990s in the days when I listened to the likes of Nirvana, NIN, Smashing Pumpkins. Brushes from MAC in those days were made in France. It was my first MAC brush purchase and it cost me about $30 — which was super expensive for a poor university like me. But my MAC obsession had already taken hold and when I saw this, I knew this brush HAD to be mine.

And it’s been mine ever since. When I was buying it, I remember the sales girl at the counter told me, “‘if you take care of a good brush like this, it will last forever.” Not sure if it will last forever but I must say I’m pretty pleased that it has lasted this long and is still very usable!

I wonder if the brushes we have now will stand the test of time…..Anyone else have any ‘old’ MAC brushes?

Lipstick Ramble: Who Can Tell the Difference?

I was just reading comments in the post I did about Mekong from NARs and it made me think. For all of us in our makeup loving community, we see more in the new product launches than the average person. We can see what is ‘dupeable’ or what is really unique. And we can see that a brown shadow is not the same as the next brown shadow.

For instance, in the post I did about Mekong, for those with an untrained eye, or those who aren’t into what we are into, the shadows are simply brown. But we know they are not just that. They are different.

And it’s that difference, no matter how small, that inspires and excites me. That’s what makes it fun. Some people probably don’t get why we do it. Some may even say it’s wasted money.

But you know what? It makes us happy. And it has brought us together in this amazing community. So there.