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So many tags to catch up on — thank you everyone for thinking of me. For this, I was tagged by the ever so cool Lyndsay from Robert Smith’s Mistress Makeup Wonderland.

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This photo was taken two years ago while I was on maternity leave. It was the summer and my son had just started to learn how to ‘cruise’ –which means he could pull himself up, and then ‘cruise’ around by holding on to things. After we saw the series of photos like this, my husband and I finally agreed we need to cut our son’s hair as it was so long and stood straight up. It was kind of funny.

After you have kids, you take lots of photos of them. Now that I’m doing this blog I find it a bit funny to take photos of myself. Still not used to it.

In any case, I look forward to seeing pictures from:

Laura – Liparazzi
Ida – Naturals & Minerals
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Nefertari – Nefertari Sparkles
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I want to love but I don’t…Yes! Yes! Yes! Lip Butter (Body Shop)

I often suffer from dry flaky lips and as a result, I cannot live without some sort of lip balm in my makeup bag and by my bedside. Thanks to blog and Youtube reviews, I got caught up in the frenzy around the Body Shop’s Yes! Yes! Yes! lip butter.

In no time, I found myself marching over to my local Body Shop to pick up one of these lip butters a few weeks ago. I was wondering whether it would displace my beloved Burt’s Bees Repleneshing Lip Balm as my lip moisturizer of choice.

Fast forward to today and the verdict is No. As much as I want to love it, I don’t. For me, it’s just an okay product.

I don’t love the smell which is hard to pinpoint, fruity for sure. But my problem with it is mainly its texture. I’m simply not a fan. It goes on thick and you have to really spread it around or else it leaves a messy unattractive glob on your lips. It does serve its purpose of moisturizing your lips so I guess it does what it promises to do. But I’m not entirely convinced it is any better than a basic lip balm.

The Yes! Yes! Yes! lip butter retails for $8 Canadian at your local Body Shop. The good thing is that approximately $5 from every butter goes to the Body Shop’s partner charity, The Staying Alive Foundation raising HIV and AIDS awareness around the world and empowering young people to stay safe.

What do you think of this Body Shop product?

Let’s Brainstorm: New Word for "HAUL" ?!

Happy Weekend ladies!

The responses to my post about the word ‘Haul’ was overwhelming! I have never had so many comments on one post before (49!) Thanks so much!

It seems that the majority polled agreed that it would be great to find a new word to describe our ‘hauls’. Shall we brainstorm on potential new words? I don’t love these myself but it’s a start.

-Beauty buys
-Beauty sprees

Any others? Let’s get creative!

Testing out mineral makeup – from Bellaphoria and Lumiere Cosmetics

I’ve seen a lot of hype about mineral makeup in recent times but my only experience with mineral makeup has been with MAC. I’m actually not sure about what’s behind the hype so I will be doing some digging on why it’s gained so much popularity. In addition, over the next few weeks, I’ll also be testing out two mineral makeup lines. The first is from up and coming Canadian cosmetics company, Bellaphoria, and the second is an American brand I’ve heard about from other bloggers called Lumiere Beauty & Skin Bar.

markets itself as “Canada’s Pure Mineral Online Store.” It says its products are 100% natural and pure. The company sells through its Web site and ships internationally. I’ll be testing out a variety of eyeshadows, blush, and foundation that Bellaphoria kindly sent over for me to try (see photo above). I swatched a few of the products initially and they seem super smooth and soft. I am looking forward to creating some looks with these.

(Bellaphoria swatches below — hard to see as my camera is being finicky but the top is a blush and the rest on the bottom are a few shadows)

Lumiere Beauty and Skin Bar
also sent some over some great samples of shadows, blush and foundation. The company also sells its products from its Web site and ships internationally. These too seemed to be finely milled and smooth to apply on first swatch. My fellow bloggess from UK, Liparazzi, tested these out recently so I’m interested to see how these work for me.

I’m going to do a bit of research into mineral makeup and will do more thorough reviews of the products in the coming weeks as well as some FOTDs if my camera cooperates.

What are your thoughts on mineral makeup and have you tried anything from these two brands?

Expanding my makeup horizon: Palladio Beauty (Review)

I’ve been a loyal MAC customer since the 1990s and as such have favoured department store makeup brands. Any brands that weren’t found in the department stores were ignored by this girl. Even when I worked as a ‘beauty advisor’ at the local Shopper’s Drug Mart, I never got into the products available to me. At the time, I thought, if it can’t compare to my beloved MAC then why bother? Well, times have changed.

Don’t get me wrong. I still love MAC but I feel I’ve expanded my horizons. These days, I’m trying out everything, from super high end (hello Dior!) to obscure drug store brands and as you know, my new obsession is brands from other countries (ummm, UK makeup anyone??).

So what’s my point. Over the next couple of days, I’m going to be reviewing products from brands I’ve never tried before. First up is Palladio Beauty. For the last two weeks, I’ve been doing a test run of some of the products that were kindly sent my way to try.

When I first saw the products I was impressed visually — everything looked really pretty. That said, I admit I was still a bit skeptical. The eyeshadows for instance reminded me of some MAC mineral shadows but I couldn’t imagine they would be at all close to comparable. In any case, I kept an open mind and went ahead with the review. And you know what, I was pleasantly surprised. Here’s a summary:

Eyeshadows (Caffe Latte Trio Baked Eyeshadow; Plums Trio Baked Eyeshadow)
- very pigmented and smooth to apply
-easy to blend
-offers a hint of shimmer without being glitter bombs
- reminded me of the MAC mineralize shadows in packaging
- all the colours worked really well together; the Caffe Latte trio is a beautiful neutral palette with a bit of shimmer in each colour; the Plums Trio are very wearable and worked well for my office looks.

-it did crease for me
-after seeing that after the first use, I ended up using MAC Painterly as a base and it worked very well to prevent creasing

Herbal Lipstick (Surely Pink, Nude, Clearly Coral)
-creamy and non-drying
-no scent
-very pigmented
- all three colours were very wearable for my skin tone; my favorite was the Nude (if you’re interested in seeing swatches let me know and I can post)

-staying power was okay but I did have to reapply throughout the day

Blushin’ Baked Blush
-very pigmented
-pretty peachy/pink colour gives a great rosy glow

-it faded by lunch time in most cases
-the pan is a bit small in size for a blush. I tend to like to have a bigger pan for a blush. I really don’t know why but maybe so I can dip my brush in ‘properly’. This was similar in size to the eyeshadows

EyeLiners (Brown Felt tip Liner and Black Liquid Eyeliner -Boxed)
-smooth application
-cute packaging; the brown felt tip is tiny so great to throw in a purse; the black liner reminded me a bit of the Wet N Wild liquid liner packaging

-Though it lasted all day, the colour did fade later on in the day
-I’m used to gel liners so it took a bit of practice to get these right

Above is a look I created using the Palladio lipstick in Surely Pink, Plum Trio eyeshadow and Black liner. Excuse the blurriness — took this with my phone when I got into work earlier this week. I had forgotten to take a photo at home.

Overall, I would say these particular Palladio products are worth a look. The price points are affordable and the colours and textures to me were of good quality. The Palladio site has more details on the products and colours available.

The products are available at Sally’s (in store and web site) and on Palladio’s web site for Canadian and U.S. orders. For the UK, you can find the products at http://www.beautynaturals.com/ For other countries, or for more infromation, send an email to [email protected].

If you want me to post swatches of anything leave me a comment.

I am still trying out the lipglosses, lipgloss pencil, bronzers/illuminators and the rice powder products. The next review will be on the rice paper products as many of you have indicated interest in these.