I have some exciting news to share — I have just bought the URL for! It will be easier to type without the blogspot and easier to explain to people who wonder, what’s with the the blogspot address?

In the next few weeks, I’ll be moving over to this URL and to WordPress. The transfer will apparently be seamless to you as you will be directly sent to the new site from here…but if not, I hope you will follow me over to the new site once it is up and running.

I will continue to maintain this site for a while until all the bugs are worked out. The Husband is ‘managing’ the transfer as he’s a Web wiz and designer — I on the other hand am a complete technical dunce.

As you know, I’ve had some major technical issues with Blogger in recent weeks. I’m also looking to create a more dynamic look to the site and I have heard that WordPress gives more flexibility to do this. We shall see!

Stay tuned!!!

QOTD: To Line or Not to Line?

I wear eyeliner almost every day. Whether I’m attempting a natural look by’tight-lining’ or trying to go more glam with winged liner (still haven’t got the hang of this!), I think I am an eyeliner girl for sure.

My preference is gel liner such as MAC’s Fluidline or Bobbi Brown’s Gel Liners. Pencils are okay but I don’t reach for them as often. I am also starting to like the pen-like liquid liners such as from Joe Fresh, MAC and Palladio Beauty. With the latter, Ido tend to struggle still with getting a straight line. I guess practice makes perfect. I think that’s why I like gel liners; I find they are more forgiving when you make mistakes. And in terms of where I line, I only do the upper lash line as I haven’t figured out how to do my lower lash line properly, or my waterline for that matter.

Over to you ladies, do you line your eyes every day? Why and why not? If you do, what do you like to use best — gel, pencil or liquid/’pen’? Where do you line? I guess this is more than one question. Look forward to your comments!

Simplified Skin Care Regime: Cetaphil and St. Ives

A few weeks ago I posted about my mission to simplify my skincare regime. I was spending a fortune on high-end skincare and I questionned whether it was worth the money and if I could achieve great results with basic, more ‘affordable’ skincare.

I ditched the NARs skincare (I was already close to being done the products anyway) and embarked on my Cetaphil journey. I had heard people raving about it and The Husband actually uses the moisturizer. For the last month, I have been using both the cleanser and moisturizer.

And so far all is well! My skin is clear and not dry which was one of my key concerns. I am loving the simplicity of it all — and the price points. In addition, I’ve also ditched using the undereye creams and I think it actually has improved that area for some reason — which I think is a bit strange.

Then I read a post by Laura a.k.a Liparrazi about exfoliating and realized I don’t do this enough. On vacation I picked up the St. Ives Warming Scrub which I’ve been using for the last two weeks. I use it every other day and I am also loving it. My skin has never felt smoother. A lot of people have been raving about the St. Ives Apricot Scrub and that was what I was originally going to pick up. But seeing it wasn’t really geared for my skin type, I was drawn to this product instead. It’s supposed to ‘warm’ your skin when its applied but I don’t personally notice the difference. The smell is pleasant but not overpowering. After I use it, I apply my Cetaphil moisturizer and I’m done.

Overall I give my new skincare regime an A. I’ll check in again in about a month to let you know if it’s stil working.

Let me know if any of you have tried the St.Ives product. I know many of you said you love the Cetaphi.

I won! I won!: Cool Prizes from the UK courtesy of Lou Lou Land

While I was on holidays last week, I snuck a peek at my email and lo and behold I received some great news. Louise of Lou Lou Land emailed me to let me know that I had won her blog’s 50 follower contest! I never win anything so I was super thrilled.

Today the goodies arrived and I was so surprised and overwhelmed at how sweet Louise is! The prizes were supposed to consist of the St. Moritz self tanner and the ELF bronzing duo. But along with this, Louise also sent over: a Beauty UK palette, a Barry M glitter dust, a BYS bronzer, 2 Collection 2000 nailpolishes, a NYC Nail polish, some blotting powder and the UK In Style magazine which came with two Body Shop eyeliners! AND to top it off, she also sent over three chocolate bars which were especially exciting for my kids, especially my son. Here is the proof below. My daughter loves nail polish — and she insisted on holding them for this photo.

We have eaten one of the chocolate bars already. And oh yes, the bubble wrap continues to be a big hit as well. My kids are loving the packages that continue to arrive at our house.

Thanks again Louise — you are super awesome!! I can’t thank you enough! I’m very excited to try everything out. You continue to help fuel my passion for makeup from the UK.

I encourage you all to visit Louise’s blog so you too can discover how awesome she is! Click here to go to her site: Lou Lou Land

Tick tock tick tock…

Today I wanted to ramble on a bit about time.

First, how much time it takes to do makeup. During the work week, it takes me about half an hour to 45 minutes to shower, get dressed, and do the face. Most of the time is spent on the face. I would say it takes me 20 minutes to do a full face. On the weekends, it’s much faster – maybe 5 to 10 minutes on the face.

Next, the time spent on blogging. I’m still relatively new at blogging and I spend a lot of time reading and commenting. I’m a fast writer so it doesn’t take too long for me to write a post. I would say on average I spend about 1 hour a day to 1.5 hours on blogging related things.

So add this all up and it’s clear that makeup and makeup related tasks play a big role in my life. It’s a juggling act though trying to balance family life, work and this amazing hobby — but I’m enjoying the ride.

How about you — how much time does it take for you to do your makeup? And how much time