Happy Anniversary! Lessons Learned from Beauty Blogging

It’s hard to believe that it is the first day of September. It is an exciting day for me as my baby boy turns three today. Time is flying by. Next, I’m also celebrating another milestone — my 6 month blog anniversary! It’s amazing to me that this blog has grown so much in the last six months. Thanks so much for reading, commenting and keeping me inspired!

To celebrate this anniversary, I thought it would be a good time to share some highlights and lessons learned from beauty blogging over the past six months:

1) The thrill of gaining my first “follower.” I had an idea to start a blog, did it and told my friend Linda who immediately signed up as my first follower. I remember writing the first few posts, wondering who was out there in blog world and feeling comforted by the fact that I knew Linda was reading my posts. Thanks Linda!

2) Gaining my first comment. This came from the ever so lovely Belle du Jour. I remember telling all my friends that I had a comment from someone I didn’t know. What a thrill!

3) Meeting new online friends like Liparazzi, the Makeup Snob, VexintheCity, Jo, Nadia, Rocaille, Stefanie, Em, Lou, Naomi, Lyndsay, Grace London, MakeupMama, Farah, Witoxicity and all of you who have been following and subscribing to my blog. Everyone that I’ve encountered has been so friendly, kind and generous. A big thank you — I’ve enjoyed getting to ‘meet’ and know you through comments, emails, and via our respective blogs!

4) Realizing that blogging takes time! From thinking of post ideas, writing posts, taking photos to reading blogs and commenting — this “hobby” does take up a lot of time. But it’s time I thoroughly enjoy.

5) Keeping up with the beauty lingo. From MSFs to MLBB to the ever so popular ‘haul,’ it’s cool that our community has its own language. It took me a while to figure out what everything stood for though.

6) Blogging has further fueled my makeup addiction. I was already a makeup fanatic before I started blogging but now it’s taken off to a whole new level.

7) Discovering my blog’s international reach. This to me is one of the coolest aspects of blogging. It’s like virtual pen-pals but in real-time! And how cool is it that we can learn about each other’s makeup brands. And even more cool that some of us are swapping products so we can have the opportunity to try new products!

8) Discovering how difficult FOTDs are to do. I thank all of you for the tips but I am still not thrilled with how my photos are turning out. I guess practice makes perfect!!

9) Realizing that I’m both a makeup collector and makeup user. I love makeup that I can’t get in Canada. From the UK to Italy, whatever isn’t available here is what I want to acquire — and use!

10) Being amazed about how much we can write and talk about makeup. People who aren’t into this community often ask me ‘just how much can you all talk about makeup?’ or ‘how do you keep writing about makeup?’ Well it seems like the possiblities are endless. It’s amazing, no?

Sorry for the long post. That’s it. A bit of rambling but that’s typical of me, no?

So, thank you dear readers – for continuing to read, to comment and showing your support!! It’s been a blast!

Here’s to a future of more beauty buys, reviews and all the things we love to talk about! After all, Lipstick Rules!

Oops! I did it again: Beauty Binge at Body Shop, Maybelline, Annabelle, Soap and Glory

I had the best intentions today. I went to the mall to pick up a prescription at the drugstore but then I got ‘distracted’ in the makeup section and also at the Body Shop. The distraction led to the following purchases:
  • Maybelline Colour Sensational lipstick in Blushing Brunette: a lovely pink raspberry colour (I think I have a thing for raspberry colours!). It had a weird cheap smell but the colour is gorgeous.
  • Body Shop Colour Glide lipstick in Rouge Gold: really pretty sheer pink/red that will be great for fall. Very smooth when applied.
  • Body Shop Colour Glide lipstick in Pink Flirt (middle colour below): looks bright in the tube but applies sheer. Not sure about this one as the colour took a few swipes to put on at full intensity but I can probably make it work.

Swatches (Top to Bottom): Rouge Gold, Blushing Brunette, Pink Flirt

I also got:

  • Body Shop Eye Trio Shade 1: pretty blues/greys/purples. Total spontaneous buy
  • Annabelle Smudgeliner in Armour: I’ve heard great things (i.e. it’s your fault MakeupMama! ;-) — about these liners so thought I’d give it a shot with this taupey colour
  • Soap & Glory Clean on Me shower gel. Not sure if I’m loving the smell but we’ll see.
  • And with the makeup purchases at the Body Shop, I got a free Vitamin E lotion – full size!

These were all products that I have been reading about on other blogs (i.e.all you girls in the UK who attended the Body Shop event and wrote the reviews!) How could I not test these out myself???? I’ll let you know how it goes.

As usual, I feel buyer’s remorse. Will it ever end ladies?

Anyone else beauty binge this weekend and want to make me feel better?

I want to love it but I don’t…Oscar Blandi Dry shampoo spray

I’ve heard a lot about dry shampoos and wanted to try one out. I have very fine hair that I tend to wash every day because it gets oily after a day. I wanted to be able to skip a day between hair washings and hoped that a dry shampoo might be a good alternative. A few weeks ago, I went to my local Sephora and purchased the Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo Spray based on a recommendation by one of the sales associates.

I’ve used this now four to five times. My verdict? Nay. Not good. Each time I use it, I feel like my hair is still greasy and dirty. You have to be careful when applying it or else you look like you dipped your hair in baby powder. Need to give it a good shake and brush the product through your hair very thoroughly.

Another negative is the price. I feel it is too expensive for what it is — a 3.2 oz can costs $21 Canadian.

I don’t think I will be repurchasing. Anyone else try this or another dry shampoo? Any other recommendations?

Four in One: Tag and Awards

I’m always thrilled when other blogettes recognize my site by tagging or giving me an award. I think the recognition is super cool and very inspirational.

The lovely Witoxicity has kindly nominated me for the Cool Lemonade Cart award as one of her favorite blogs to read. Thank you so much — it means a lot to me! For this award, I’d like to nominate next: Mama Jen, Halifax, Lyd, and Phyrra.

Next, the super-cool Shifa of Get Gawjus has nominated me for two awards (I Love Your Blog) and (Your Imagination is a gift) and one tag! Wow!Thanks Shifa – you were one of my first readers and I appreciate your continued support!

First the tag:

Shampoo: Pantene for dry hair (don’t know the name)

Conditioner: nothing

Styling products: nothing

Shower Gel: I use Ivory soap

Body moisturiser: Ginger Souffle (Origins)

Face moisturiser: Cetaphil

Deodorant: Yep!

Fake Tan: I tan naturally

Cleanser: Cetaphil

Exfoliator: St. Ives Warming Scrub

Primer: None

Foundation:Diorskin Nude

Foundation brush: I use my fingers!

Concealer: always forget to use

Powder: Palladio Rice powder

Blusher: Oh I change it every day but I’m loving NARs Madly, Sin and Benefit Coralista

Bronzer: Barry M, NARs Laguna

Highlighter: NARs Nico

Eyeshadow base: MAC Painterly

Eyeshadows: Can’t choose! Change it every day.

Eyeliner: Blacktrack fluidline (MAC) or Bobbi Brown Espresso Ink gel liner

Curler: Shiseido

Mascara: Rimmel Sexy Curves or Bad Gal Lash (Benefit)

Lipstick: Can’t choose! But I’m loving Hug Me, and the Deborah lipstick Lyd sent me.

Lipgloss: Can’t choose! Lychee Luxe?

Nail Colour: Tokaido Express NARs

For this, I tag Liparazzi, Witoxicity, Marcela S.P., Sher (Vodoo Dolly) and any of you who haven’t done this!

And for the awards, I’m giving it to all of my readers since you all deserve recognition!!

Fall Shadow Alert: I Cannes, I Will! from Benefit

I fell for this shadow whilst I was doing some ‘research’ for this blog. It is one of Benefit’s new Fall shadows and it’s called I Cannes, I Will. It is a gorgeous mauve/purple with a bit of gold sparkle. I can see using it alone with just a bit of eyeliner for an easy peasy look. You can build up the colour to intensify or apply as a sheer wash. Just lovely!

This is my first Benefit powder shadow purchase. I love their creaseless cream shadows too. Anyone else try Benefit’s powder shadows? Thoughts?