QOTD: Toss it or keep it?

I know about expiry dates; and I know it’s bad to keep makeup longer than its shelf life. But it hasn’t stopped me from hanging on to beloved products.

I have a MAC Beauty Powder called Shell Pearl that I bought probably more than 3 years ago. I’m actually not sure when I got it, which means it was a long time ago. Shell Pearl was repromoted recently but I didn’t feel the need to repurchase it. After all, I have it! Yes, yes, I know that I should toss this powder now or Back 2 MAC it but I haven’t…Why? Well, it’s just so pretty. Do I use it often? No….but that’s besides the point. Right?

I’m still on the fence on whether I will be able to finally say goodbye to this pretty powder.

How about you — what is the oldest product you have in your collection and why have you kept it? Do you plan to get rid of it?

Canadian Beauty Spotlight: Lise Watier Quatuor Vibrations Quad

I’m not really an Argyle-pattern wearing type of woman. But there was something about the Argyle pattern on the packaging of this quad from Lise Watier that called out to me each time I went by it at Shopper’s Drug Mart. But one day as I was shopping for a Lise Watier product for Liparazzi, I finally swatched the quad and….well, it was “Come home to Mama” time.

I tried to do a swatch photo but wasn’t having much luck so you’ll just have to take my word for it — these shadows are AMAZING. The light lilac, the peachy nude, the grey/purple and the green (a soft chartreuse) are gorgeous and I can see so many combinations you can do with them. They are super pigmented, soft and blend like a dream.

I’ve never paid much attention to Lise Watier as I always thought it was makeup for ‘older’ ladies…but I’ve been hearing some great things about the brand, and I can say my first venture has been a fantastic experience. Yay for another great Canadian brand!

Jampacked On Display! Fall look with MAC and Bellaphoria

I’m digging the purple-toned lips of Fall. Today I played with two MAC lipglasses, On Display lipglass (Makeup Art Cosmetics) and Jampacked lipglass (Cult of Cherry 2008). When I bought On Display, I thought I would have a dupe at home in the form of Jampacked. But luckily I was wrong. While they look similar in the tube, Jampacked to me has a bit more red (top swatch) than On Display which is more purple. They both have some gold shimmer to them which you can’t see well in this picture but trust me, they are both gorgeous. I’m thrilled to have both of them.

The photo below with hair off face is with Jampacked and the one at the top of this post with hair all over the place is me wearing On Display. The lippies photograph very similar though I think. When I do these FOTDs on the weekend, I have to do them very fast when the kids are not demanding my attention which are rare opportunities.

What else did I play with today? Some fantastic mineral makeup from Bellaphoria including: Intrigue shadow (dark brown for crease); Accomplish (pinkish brown shimmer which is gorgeous!), Medium Supreme Foundation, and Wings to Fly (white highlight).

I’m planning to do a full review of the Bellaphoria samples I’ve been testing as I’m loving the pigmentation and not sure I did it any justice with my FOTDs. Stay tuned!

Are you into the dark lip look for Fall?

Green Nails!

Since I’ve been reading blogs, I’ve suddenly become obsessed with nail varnishes/polishes. So while grocery shopping I saw this polish and for some reason, I picked it up. I usually fall for darker or light hues but not brights like this…and this is certainly bright. Almost neon. And green.

But you know what? I love it! Totally surprised myself at how much I like it. Not sure if the picture does it justice but it really is a fun colour to wear.

The colour is Shocking Green #932 by L’Oreal.

How about you — do you ever find yourself buying something that is so ‘not you’ but end up loving?

Forget me not…

Have you reached a point where you forget what you have in your makeup collection? I’m embarassed to say it but I have. It’s clearly more proof that I need to seriously re-examine my purchasing habits.

Just today, I came across lipsticks, shadows and blushes that I totally forgot I owned (hello Body Shop Shimmer Brick!). Considering how I had probably lusted after those products, it’s sad to think how easy it was for me to forget them when the latest and greatest entered my stash.

There is a part of me that panics each time I think about makeup expiry dates and how much I really need to use what I have before it all goes to waste.

So, again, I will keep trying to do Operation Lipstick Love, 1 product 5 Looks, and try to review the collection regularly so that I don’t keep turning to the same products again and again. I’ve also started giving away ‘gently used’ makeup to friends and family. And who knows, maybe a blog sale is in the horizon.

Yet another case of buyer’s remorse — even though I actually didn’t buy a single item of makeup this weekend.

A bit of a ramble for a Sunday night of a long weekend. Let me know if you ever experience this.
Good night!