Lipstick Ramble: Who Can Tell the Difference?

I was just reading comments in the post I did about Mekong from NARs and it made me think. For all of us in our makeup loving community, we see more in the new product launches than the average person. We can see what is ‘dupeable’ or what is really unique. And we can see that a brown shadow is not the same as the next brown shadow.

For instance, in the post I did about Mekong, for those with an untrained eye, or those who aren’t into what we are into, the shadows are simply brown. But we know they are not just that. They are different.

And it’s that difference, no matter how small, that inspires and excites me. That’s what makes it fun. Some people probably don’t get why we do it. Some may even say it’s wasted money.

But you know what? It makes us happy. And it has brought us together in this amazing community. So there.

Surprise Gift from Sara The Makeup Snob!

I have had one of those days where I just wanted to lie in a dark room and sleep. I wasn’t feeling well and didn’t sleep a wink last night. But lo and behold, my day was brightened by a surprise package that came in the post from the gorgeous Sara (The MakeupSnob)! Sara sent me two NYX blushes that I’ve been wanting ever since I saw the swap she did with Lyndsay.

The blushes are: Hot Pink and Red Cheeks (above left to right)

When swatched, Hot Pink gives a light pink flush while Red Cheeks gives a nice rosy glow. Red Cheeks actually reminds me a bit of NARs Cactus Flower cream blush. I can’t wait to try them out. I love wearing cream blushes — they give such a natural glow when blended in to your cheeks.

Sara, you are so sweet and generous! I can’t thank you enough!! If you haven’t checked out Sara’s blog, run, run and check it out — she is one of my favorite blogesses! Click here for The Makeup Snob.

Obsession with Brown Shadows: NARs Mekong!

I don’t know why it is but I have a thing for dark brown shadows. My latest acquisition is NARs Mekong, a deep rich dark brown with a hint of shimmer. It is so beautiful. It works wonders for creating an easy smokey eye and I think will also be great as a liner. I love, love, love it!!!

Mekong is part of NARs’ fall collection. It is similar to NARs Cordura but to me seems to have more black in it and is richer in tone. Mekong joins my other beloved browns swatched below. It was about $22 Canadian. Pricey but I find NARs shadows are well worth the splurge.

Top Left to Right: MAC Magnetic Fields; MAC Buckwheat
Bottom Left to Right: NARs Galapagos; NARs Mekong; NARs Cordura

One Product, 5 looks: MAC Lychee Luxe

Hi lovelies,
Here are the resulting colour combinations from my “I Challenge You: One Product, Five Looks.” post last week.

As a reminder, I decided to see how many combinations I could create with Lychee Luxe lipglass from MAC. Not only is this lipglass gorgeous on its own, it morphs into new colours depending on the lipstick or pencil you select. I actually wore the gloss for more than five days and depending on what I paired it with, each colour looked very different from the other! For this post, I’ve included swatches of five of the seven colour combinations I tried out. So from left to right, here is what they are:

-Lychee Luxe on its own
-Lychee Luxe with Red Enriched liner
-Lychee Luxe with Caramellow liner
-Lychee Luxe with Spice liner
-Lychee Luxe with Half-Red liner

The possibilities are really endless. Makes me think that there are so many other glosses and lipsticks I need to rediscover and combine with other products. Stay tuned for my next selection. Anyone else do this challenge?

Unsung hero: NARs Nico

In my recent post about Makeup Mistakes, I had mentionned my love for a blush by NARs called Nico. I think it was Mizz Worthy who commented that Nico is an unsung hero. And so, I thought it was high time to start singing praises for Nico and other products that haven’t been typically spotlighted in blog world and YouTube…Thus begins yet another new series on Lipstick Rules called Unsung Heroes.

NARs Nico is an amazing product. Although described as a blush, Nico is more of a highlighter. It doesn’t look that exciting in the pan. Looks kind of boring actually. When I initially bought it, I had buyer’s remorse and thought that maybe I should have bought a ‘real’ NARs blush instead as this is the same price as a ‘real’ blush.

But then I started using it and all those thoughts went out the door. I am so thankful to have this product! Nico is amazing. It is a versatlie product that can used in so many different ways. It gives a luminescence to the skin that somehow makes it look more alive.

You can apply it as a highlight on your cheekbones but can also apply to your entire face to give it a beautiful glow. In fact it’s brilliant under the eyes for those days when you feel like you look really tired. For a mommy like me, it is very often.

And as I mentioned before, Nico does a great job of diffusing the colour of your blush when you’ve put too much on or if you’re working with an intense colour. Quite simply, it is amazing on top of blush — any blush.

Nico is one product I actually think I might hit pan on. This probably sounds like an informercial for Nico by NARs but I feel this strongly about this product.

Anyone else try NARs Nico — what do you think?And if you haven’t tried Nico, I encourage you to take a closer look at this product the next time you are at a NARs counter or on the NARs site.

Stay tuned for more “Unsung Heroes” in upcoming posts.