Found Myself A Little “Merlot”

As many of you know, I am a certified lipstick hoarder so much so that I often forget about what I have in my collection. Just this morning, I literally found a lipstick (still in its box) that I had always meant to test out. The lipstick in question is Laura Mercier’s Merlot*, a Creme Smooth Lipstick that is a beautiful, deep reddish wine/burgundy.

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A Sexy New Lipstick Makes It All Better, Doesn’t It?

When life throws you lemons, there’s always lipstick. Am I right ladies? For me, even on the most stressful of days, a swipe of a really fabulous lipstick can make that day just a tad better. That’s how I felt about this colour from Laura Mercier. This Rouge Nouveau Weightless Lip Colour was all I needed when I was feeling completely overwhelmed. Funny enough, the colour that made me feel better was called…Sexy.

It certainly wasn’t the mood I was after but hey, why not right?

Sexy is a beautiful rose red that is easy to wear during the day, even in a corporate office environment. It is sheer, leaving a soft stain on the lips.

The lipstick is super comfy to wear, and feels very hydrating. All good points when you’re feeling crummy. All in all, I likey.

The Weightless Lip Colours come in 15 different shades, and formulas (sheer, matte and creme).

It’s worth a look, lipstick lovers. 

Sneak Peek: Laura Mercier’s Portfolio Animation

My makeup in the 1990s and even in the early 2000s is cringe-worthy. From matte brown lips to non-blended eyeshadows, my makeup choices clearly do not stand the test of time. But that was then and this is now. I like to think that these days, I have a bit more knowledge. It also helps that brands like Laura Mercier make it easy to find products that are classic, sophisticated and simply beautiful. Case in point is Laura Mercier’s new Portfolio Animation collection. My heart literally skipped a beat when I first had a peek at this.

Sheer Creme Colour in Pearl Glow Veil ($22US) is a beauty. It gives the most beautiful glow to the face when applied to the cheekbones and centre of the nose. It is sheer, easy to blend and does not feel drying or greasy. There is also a Bronze Veil and Pink Cheek Veil available. All are limited edition.

The new Lip Glaze in Soft Pink ($20US, Limited Edition) looks dark in the swatch. On my lips it turns into a beautiful nude shade, very luscious!  I did have to use a brush to apply this and it was very smooth to apply. On the lips, it feels ultra comfortable and is not sticky or greasy (Hooray!). It contains emollient oils and Monoi de Tahiti Butter, which has been great for my dry lips.

I was also able to try a Second Skin Cheek Colour in Soft Iris ($24US), a new permanent colour introduced as part of the collection. What struck me instantly was how butter soft the powder is. I don’t think I have any blush that is this smooth. This blush gives such a beautiful glow-from-within colour to the cheek.

Finally, I tried one of three Limited Edition Eye Shadows ($24). The colour Seashell Pink is perfect for a sheer wash of colour on the lids. Like the blush, this is buttery smooth and easy to blend. I am dying to try more colours from Laura Mercier now after this experience.

Now for the swatches (left to right: Pearl Glow Veil, Soft Pink Lip Glaze, Soft Iris Cheek Colour, Seashell Pink Eye Colour)

Another cool thing about the packaging is that each can be snapped out to fit into Laura Mercier’s signature 3 and 6 Custom Compacts.This makes it easy to create your own customized palette, which is also great for travel.

The Portfolio Animation collection is available at Laura Mercier counters starting March 2012.

Have you tried Laura Mercier? If so, what products do you suggest? If not, what would you like to try? I’m still dying to get my hands on her Tinted Moisturizer. 


Disclaimer: products sent for consideration. See Policies for more info.


It’s Simple: Good service = Purchase!

On a shopping trip in downtown Toronto yesterday, I experienced two very distinct differences in customer service. For me, the type of service I get at a makeup counter makes a huge difference in the outcome, i.e. sale or no sale. If I shop at a department store counter, I expect excellent service given the price points of the products I’m considering. Anything but just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Yesterday, my sister and I stopped by the Dior makeup counter at the Bay’s flagship store in downtown Toronto. The Bay is one of Canada’s main department stores, and is currently revamping itself by offering more high-end products. At the counter, we were greeted by a nice sales lady who invited us to check out the Dior Addict lipsticks. I’m a fan of these lipsticks so I started showing my sister the different colours. The sales associate told us she had a makeup artist on hand who could help us further. This is when things fell apart. The makeup artist seemed irritated and impatient as soon as she was called over. I piped in and said I was a fan of the lipsticks as I had the colour ‘Bobo.”  Not sure if this confused her but she then started looking for Bobo. Not once did she ask  any questions nor did she share any information about the line or suggest anything else. I was thinking, what’s new for Fall for example? I got the distinct feeling she didn’t think we were serious customers. She continued to swatch random colours on her hand, which I didn’t understand. I asked her then if they were doing makeovers or doing demos, and she said, very gruffly, “with purchase!” That was the final straw for me. I thought it was rude and unnecessary. I wanted to spend no more time there if she wasn’t taking me seriously. If only she knew, right?!

I was so frustrated by that experience at the Bay that I suggested we go to Holt Renfrew’s makeup counters, where I’ve always had great service. Two steps into the cosmetics section and we were greeted by two makeup artists at Laura Mercier. They asked us if we’d like ‘touch-ups’ and we thought, why not. I have always been curious about Laura Mercier products so this was a great opportunity.  Charlotte, the artist who worked with me, was fantastic. She gave me more info about Laura Mercier products and started showing me products that I might like. I loved how she did my makeup – all very natural. Throughout this process, she was friendly and never pushy.  Such a contrast to the rude and impatient woman at the Bay.

The result? Purchases! Though I loved everything she used, I ended up with two products:  Plum Caviar pencil, a rich purple eggplant colour that can be used to create an easy smokey eye, and Forest Green Cake Eyeliner for tightlining. The green applies almost like a black/green and seemed to be a nice alternative to brown and black. I’ll share my verdict with you on these in a few weeks as I use them more often.

My sister also ended up with a purchase choosing Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer, which I also want someday.

At the end of the day, I couldn’t help but think of the lady at the Bay and how she had an opportunity to reel us in, but chose not to. What a pity — for her, not us. We were thrilled with our new looks, and our products.

What say you about customer service?

Lipstick Wishes: What’s on my wish list

Happy Friday ladies! I’ve seen the MAC Colour Craft swatches and reviews and despite seeing some items that peak my interest, I actually think I am going to *gasp* pass on this collection. Instead I have my eyes set on other targets. Here’s Lipstick Rules ‘Top 5 Wishes’ :
  • Laura Mercier Eye Colour in Sherazade. On her blog, Elke Von Freudenberg the makeup artist extroadinaire describes this as a golden khaki that is “THE perfect colour for brown eyes.” The shadow is apparently “formulated with French cashmere talc to provide a silky, luxurious feel.” Cashmere in makeup? Sounds divine.
  • GOSH Darling. Don’t think I need to say more. I know how much you all love this.
  • Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow Liner in Birthday Suit. I’m loving the smokin Skinny Jeans colour and want to add this ‘brushed chrome’ colour to the collection
  • MAC Fascinating liner. This is apparently the perfect white liner to make your eyes look more awake. Need to test out.
  • More YSL Rouge Voluptes! Day 2 since purchase of the Voluptes and am very much in love with these.
What’s on your top 5 wish list?

P.S. I ran into Naomi Alecia ( today in person at — surprise surprise — the MAC counter at the Bay. LOL. So ironic eh? I was there to take a lipstick back that I bought a while back that wasn’t working for me but then forgot to do cause I was having such a great chat with Naomi.
It was so great to meet one of my ‘followers’ or readers as I prefer to call, in person. It was like meeting a kindred soul as we started talking all about our favorite MAC things. I think the MAC MAs though (who seemed a little bit rude today at that counter) didn’t appreciate us talking there. Little did they know that we are probably two of their very best customers. LOL.