Makeup of the Day: Craving Ambition

With so much makeup on hand, I’m often asked how I ever decide on what to wear on a daily basis. Sometimes I take my cue from my outfit. Other times I take my cue from one particular product, while on other days, I take my cue from my mood, i.e. is it a bold lipstick day or a smokey eye kind of day? Today, I was inspired by two products while shopping my stash: MAC’s Craving lipstick and Illamasqua blush in Ambition.

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Entering The Theatre of the Nameless…wearing a blue-violet lipstick!

Leave it to Illamasqua to make me venture out of my comfort zone — so much so that I dared to wear a blue-violet lipstick! But more on that below. Its collections are always creative and always make me want to try new things. That’s how I felt when I saw items from its latest collection, the Theatre of the Nameless. First, a description of the new collection by Illamasqua’s Creative Director Alex Box: “Theatre of the Nameless is a heady mixture of opulent hues, decadent pigments, and fearless application. A bruised and burnished palette that gives a sensual slip that bleeds colour into colour, worn through and kissed off.”

Intriguing yes? The collection does indeed feature a lot of rich, opulent hues, from dark purples to turquoise. Check out the beatiful polishes below and the plummy golden-flecked goodness of Ambition blush. Love!

Okay, now the lips. Kontrol is unlike any lipstick I have ever tried. It’s dark, it’s purple/lilac. I have to say it freaked me out a bit when I saw it in the tube, and I had a similar reaction when I applied it. It’s a bit disconcerting…yet cool. Not sure if I have the nerve to venture out with this colour as a mama on the go, but I do appreciate how lovely this is.

Bella Donna Intense lipgloss is much much more wearable for me, and it is, by far, my favorite product of the bunch. It is such a gorgeous, highly pigmented bright pink that speaks to me. It gives an opaque finish, like a lipstick. I love the colour and glossy look so much that I can overlook the fact that it is a tad sticky. The things we do for makeup, right?

When was the last time you tried a colour that scared you?

Disclaimer: Product samples sent for consideration only.

Hello Lover! A New Peach Blush Enters My Life with a Bang

I have a thing for peach blushes. I continue to acquire them like there’s no tomorrow. The latest to enter my life is Illamasqua’s Lover blush, and I have to say this is Holy Grail status for me. Oh yes.  Lover is a true peach; it is not coral nor is it a peachy pink.  It is a colour that brings instant warmth to my face. I think I look healthier and more alive whenever I wear this.

Like other Illamasqua blushes I’ve tried, it is highly pigmented, finely milled, and applies like a dream (i.e. it is smooth, not chalky).  It is one of the most perfect every day blushes, and I think one that can work for a number of skin tones.

Here I’ve compared it to NARS Orgasm and Tarte Tipsy.  Orgasm is lighter, more pink and shimmery. Tarte leans more towards coral pink.

Illamasqua is available online and at Sephora US only (Canadian girls, you can order it from the Illamasqua web site).

Are you a fan of peach blushes?


Disclaimer: Product sample

Illamasqua’s Atomic Lipstick is Rocking My Lipstick World

Go pink or go home. I’m joking of course. But gosh darn it, I am digging the bright lipsticks, and the one that is rocking my world today is Illamasqua’s Atomic, part of the newly launched Toxic Nature collection.

It’s a bright fuschia red lipstick in a matte formula. Exfoliate those lips girls, this will show any flakies. It is very long-wearing…actually, it will not budge.

It’s one of those lipsticks that you wear with minimal other makeup. Here I’ve got foundation and mascara on and Atomic. It’s the star of the show.

The colour has more red than MAC’s Girl about Town (reviewed yesterday). Both are two of my new favorite brights.

The two sides of Lipstick Rules: happy and serious. This picture makes me laugh.

If you’re a bright lipstick fan, and have access to Illamasqua, run and get this. You’ll be glad you did. I am giddy with joy at having this in  my collection. Giddy. Yes, that is the word.

disclaimer: Product sent for consideration. My happiness is real. Yes it is.

Illamasqua Keeps Me on My Toes with its Toxic Nature Collection

When it comes to spring and makeup, ‘toxic’ isn’t the first word that comes to mind to be honest. But leave it to Illamasqua to challenge my thinking. The UK-based company is calling its new Spring/Summer 2011 collection, Toxic Nature, a collection born from a ‘visionary concept of nature fighting back against the genetically modified society that plunders it.’ Interesting eh?

The collection features shades of mint, mushroom, plum, orange and rose. These shades are ‘distorted’ with rich textures and pops of acid-infused brightness. The images for the collection, like the one above, are pretty cool (more are on Illamasqua’s web site and blog!)

All of these descriptions are definitely true based on what I was fortunate enough to preview from the collection, and from what I’ve read and seen on my fellow bloggers’ sites in the UK.

When I opened the box, I was instantly taken in and wowed by the differences in tones and shades, from the brights to the warm earthy colours.

I previewed three nail varnishes, a lipstick and two pigments

The nail varnishes instantly grabbed my attention. Hello orange and neon nails! The neon orange (Gamma) and lime green (Radium) are super bright while the peach (Purity) is pretty and understated. These are my very first Illamasqua polishes and I’m excited to try them a bit more.  The orange and the green might be a little much for the office but I am already imagining them on my toes this summer. I can’t give you a full verdict yet as I just got these but will give you a proper review in the next week or so.

The lipstick (swatched below) is called Atomic, and is a fuchsia violet. Being the bright lip fan that I am, I am already declaring love. Stay tuned for a full lip swatch and look.

Finally there are the Cream Pigments. Dab is a lilac and Mould is a grape colour. Both are matte textures, and very creamy. I am excited to try them! These can be used on the face, eyes or body apparently. I can see how Grape can be a great base for a smokey eye. Again, stay tuned for a full review.

All in all, there seem to be some really interesting and unique products from Toxic Nature.The collection launches online on March 10th, and in UK stores on the 17th.

If you visit between now and March 9th, you can check out what else is coming out from the collection. In fact, Illamasqua is also giving customers a chance to win their favorites from the range. Simply register at and join the waiting list for the colours that interest you. Three winners will be selected and sent all the items they are waiting for in advance of the launch.  Open to those in the UK and internationally!

Disclaimer: Products sent for editorial consideration only. I am not affiliated with the company. My views are my  own.