Ah, Lipgloss, How I Neglect Thee

Ah, lipgloss. Probably the most neglected items in my collection as a result of my obsession with lipstick, blush, bronzer…and so on. But the other day while looking for a lipstick, a gloss did grab my attention. It was bright, it was reddish pink and right up my alley. So wear it I did, and I was a happy mama that day. And since that day, this gloss is the sole gloss that it’s in my ‘most used’ products.

The gloss in question is Bite Beauty’s Garnet*, a beautiful reddish pink that packs a punch of high gloss goodness.Continue Reading

A Bubblegum pink lipstick that works: Bite Beauty Lipstick in Vento

Bubblegum pink is a colour I often wish I could wear regularly but can’t. The colour is often too cool or pale for my skintone, and when I wear it, I often think like I need to sport pouffy hair a la Snooki. So when I first saw Bite Beauty’s lipstick in Vento*, I was ready to write it off.  But seeing how impressed I was with Pomegranate the other day, I decided to swipe, swipe this on my lips. My mood suddenly changed. This works – and I likey!

The company is focused on all natural lip products made from natural food grade ingredients. The lipsticks contain resveratrol, an antioxidant from the skin of red grapes. Interesting!Continue Reading

You’re Either A Red Lipstick Girl or Not…

You’re either a red lipstick girl…or not. There’s no in between. That’s something I read the other day, and I have to say I agree. Many friends have said they want to wear red, try it, but feel it’s too much. On the other hand, I know others who embrace it wholeheartedly. I think I fall into this category. For me, if I had an opportunity, I would wear red every day.

There’s no shyness or hiding when you wear a red lipstick, even if it is a soft red. It’s never going to be a ‘natural’ colour, even if it is a soft red. The other day, I felt inspired to wear red and took Pomegranate* from Bite Beauty for a spin. This blue-based red has enough warmth in it that even warm-toned girls (like me) can pull it off.

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