A Sephora Custom Makeover: A Review of My Experience

I’m not one to go for makeovers lately but on a whim, I decided to book a custom makeover at Sephora just to see if I could learn something new and discover new products. Treat thyself, I thought!

Hearing that appointments were hard to come by, I decided to book at the store well in advance. With a sales associate guiding me through the process, I booked it online via the store iPad.

On the day of my appointment, I was both excited and teeny bit nervous. But when I arrived at the store, things didn’t start off well. After all the planning, there was no record of my appointment so I showed them the email reminder that came two days before. Not to worry said the sales associate, we will have someone over to you ASAP. Within about five minutes I was approached by two associates/cast members: one who would do the prep with a mini-facial and the other to do my “CM”.

At this moment,  I was VERY skeptical. I wondered if they were “regular ” associates who found themselves having to fill in on the spot. But I thought, how bad could it be?

And so it began. During the mini-facial, I was introduced to some new products. Being a product junkie, she did have to have to get other options when I said I either had the product or tried it before.

When it came to makeup, the CM artist came with a bag full of products to create my ‘everyday office makeup.” There were some familiar products such as Benefit Hoola Bronzer and Becca’s Champagne Pop but there were some newer products like the Make Up For Ever Water Blend foundation (actually my request to try this) and the Kat Von D concealer (also my request since I had already tried the other two suggestions, NARS Creamy Concealer and Urban Decay Naked Skin).

For  foundation, she suggested the darker of the two shades. I should have pushed for the lighter shade as I knew the darker one would oxidize and be even darker once it set. And it did. My face did not match my neck in any way.

sephora 1

As she applied my makeup, I kept thinking she was being pretty heavy handed, especially with the bronzer. Given that I’m already tanned, I didn’t think I needed that much colour but I kept an open mind. Thankfully, blush was lightly added and I fell in love with the colour (Becca’s Flowerchild – review to come!).

But it was when we got to my eyes that it went downhill. I am Asian and I know that doing my hooded eyes in the same way you do Caucasian eyes is not the way to go. She added the transition shade, and then two shades for the crease and it was off…way off. It looked bizarre seeing as I don’t have too much of a crease. You win some lose some and I figured I actually did like the colours she picked for my eyes. They were purple tones that I thought would be great for Fall.

When it was all said and done, I actually FELT the makeup which I knew wasn’t a good thing. It looked so heavy in person even though in pictures it looks fine. (Confession: When she wasn’t looking, I ended up blending the eyeshadow more with my fingers.)

Sephora 3

And did that stop me from buying some of her product suggestions? Not one bit. So many purchases anyway. VIB Rouge status maintained!

Have you ever had a custom makeover at Sephora?


  1. says

    I’ve always been curious about getting a custom makeover at Sephora. The only time I’ve had it done was at the MUFE Pro shop in Eaton Centre, which I tend to trust more than regular Sephora artists. I think your skin looks great there in the mirror shot, but that tends to be the case of heavy “photography” makeup.

    • Michelle says

      Hey lady! I’ve been curious for years but never thought I’d do it. I’ve only had my makeup done at events at Holts where they bring in actual makeup artists. As for this, I did love the foundation but I think it lost some of its ‘real skin’ look when all the bronzer, highlighter and blush was piled on. It is definitely more photography makeup than an everyday look (which is what I had asked for). I’m not sure I will do it again there but part of me is curious whether it will be a different experience next time.

  2. Lauren says

    Hi. They don’t actually hire make up artists. They hire for sales. You may get lucky at a store and happen to stumble across an associate who also happens to be a make-up artist, but it’s unlikely.
    Even more alarming is that they use the products that everybody puts their fingers in to do the makeover!

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