A Tale of Two Liquid Lipsticks: MAC vs. NYX

Dance with Me_MAC

Thanks to hours of Youtube video watching, I’m kind of having a moment with liquid lipsticks lately.  Two products that recently entered my universe were NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme in Prague, a bright and bold cool toned pinky berry, and MAC’s liquid lipstick in Dance with Me, a gorgeous deep red. While both are stunning colour wise, I only have one of them in my collection now. One went back to the store. Can you guess which?

The one that went back to the store was MAC’s Dance with Me. I had tried it on at the counter, fell in love with the colour (what red don’t I love?) and bought it on a whim. As I wore the lipstick throughout the day however, I thought it was soooo drying and it was not comfortable in any way. I kept it for a couple of days unopened and tried to talk myself into keeping it. The colour after all was fabulous, and it stayed on like a mutha. But I decided no matter how gorgeous the colour was and no matter how long lasting it was, it was not worth it from a comfort level. Is that me getting old or what? So back to the store it went, and I have no regrets. That’s $24 back in my pocket!

NXY Prague

On the other hand, I’m so super happy to have picked up NYX’s Prague. NYX is now more widely available in Canada, which I’m totally digging. Unlike the MAC lipstick, this one felt so much more comfortable on my lips. It dried matte but never felt drying and I could wear it for hours without worry. It isn’t as long lasting as MAC’s but still very good. And it’s under $10 at Shopper’s Drug Mart which is a huge value in my opinion. And the colour…the colour is just stunning. It’s bright, it’s pink but with depth. It’s becoming one of my favourites.

So there you have it – a day when MAC lost out to a product from the drug store.



  1. Shadowy_lady says

    Michelle – so glad to see you post again. You have a talent at making me buy lipsticks. I need this NYX lipstick now. Even though I broke my long standing no-lipstick-buy and got a few of the new Bite beauty ones….

    • Lyn Joy says

      Hi Michelle! I’m so happy to find you! Actually thru JoCooks Swedish Meatballs pic in IG! 🙂 I totally can relate to buying a lipstick that is drying and I do often have dry lips. I have to keep Blistex with me at all times! 🙂 The NYX lipstick colour looks lovely on you, I will have to check it out! Thanks!

      • Michelle says

        Hi Lyn! So nice to meet you! Thanks so much for checking out my Instagram and now my blog. I haven’t been blogging much lately so it’s great to get feedback again after a long abscence. Let me know if you check out the NYX lippie. P.S. Jo Cooks is one of my favourite food blogs. I’ve tried a few of her recipes and they have all been amazing!

    • Michelle says

      Hi Saadeh! Thank you for checking it out – it’s been so hard keeping up with life and blogging but I’m trying to get back into it. I’ve missed it. I think this NYX colour would look amazing on you. I just posted about the new Bite Beauty lipsticks – so good!!!

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