A Bond Girl for a Day

I would never buy a lipstick because of it’s name. I haven’t gone that crazy…yet. But I’ve come close, particularly with Charlotte Tilbury’s Bond Girl lipstick. Love the name, love the lipstick.

I saw it first on Sandra, and it looked gorgeous on her. I felt like I needed to investigate further. After checking out other swatches I dove in and ordered it.

Thankfully, there are no regrets here. It’s a beauty, name and all.

LipstickRules 116 LipstickRules 119

It’s described as a rich natural berry shade. Not sure if that’s accurate as on me it’s more of a brownish berry. But not too brown. Just right. For me, it brings back the 1990s but in a good way.

The colour is one of those that morphs in colour based on the liner you use with it, but it also looks lovely on its own. Today I paired it with MAC’s Lure, and it’s a combo made in lipstick heaven. Please excuse the bad lighting and slight frown below – I’m actually quite happy here even though it was -25 degrees Celsius outside. Brrr.  😉

LipstickRules 111

The formula is matte but applies very creamy and non-drying. I can also get 3 or 4 hours of wear without fading. And the packaging…what can I say but it’s beautiful. Charlotte Tilbury has my heart. Her products haven’t disappointed me. And I’m quite pleased to feel like a Bond Girl for a day.

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