An Accidental Lipstick Purchase

If truth be told, I don’t need to ever buy another lipstick. Ever. But I continue to do so. Regularly. This weekend, I caved in at the Clinique counter. Let’s call it an accidental lipstick purchase. Okay, it’s actually plural, lipsticks….and a blush.

You see, I was on the hunt for the new matte lipsticks that beauty bloggers across the pond have been raving about. I need to get my hands on Matte Mandarin and Matte Peony. I learned that these weren’t available yet but were coming soon. Feeling disappointed, I didn’t want to waste the opportunity of being at an actual counter.

My eyes drifted to the display of Chubby Sticks. Big fan of those. Big. I then noticed the Chubby Stick Intense colours, which I had yet to try. So swatch, swatch goes this lipstick fiend. And within minutes, swipe swipe went my debit card.

Two colours caught my attention and my wallet:  Grandest Grape and Plushest Punch. Today let’s focus on Plushest Punch, a bright fuchsia pink. When I swatched Plushest Punch in store, I thought it was pretty but I wasn’t wowed or anything. Yet, it still came home with me. Go figure.

Maybe my lipstick radar is still working well because ladies, this is a gorgeous must-have colour in my books.  It’s so pigmented, creamy and appropriately intense. It stays on forever, without feeling dry. I literally did not have to reapply for a good five hours.

And the colour? It’s just a beautiful, sophisticated, bright pink that is neither too warm or cool. It’s perfect for summer.

Have you tried Clinique Chubby Stick Intense?


  1. Icaria says

    Yikes 5 hours??? Ok so I can’t wait to see the new mattes but now these are suddenly quite appealing! Looks stunning on you! 🙂

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