It was Shopping Fate: MAC’s Red Balloon (Limited Edition)

Ah, MAC, you got me this time.  So much for my willpower. I was doing so well at being much more selective about my makeup purchases, and not falling for every single Limited Edition (LE) collection released by one of my favourite brands. But this willpower went out the window as soon as I saw this LE lipstick: Red Balloon. Yes, I can say it was likely love at first sight.

The lipstick did remind me of Impassioned so I thought I could swatch both and feel justified about leaving Red Balloon behind. But after I swatched, I noticed enough of a difference and suddenly felt this overwhelming need to own this. And when the sales associate told me it was the last one in stock, I knew, I just knew it was shopping fate.

So ‘swipe swipe’ went my debit card, and another lipstick joined my collection. Hooray!

This colour is gorgeous. It is bright like Impassioned but less neon and deeper. It’s leaning more fuchsia in the photo but there is more red in this than Impassioned. It is a high impact colour and perfect for spring.

This lipstick lover is happy, happy.

If you’re a fan of bright lipsticks, run to your counter soon before this baby disappears.


  1. Icaria says

    Oooo love it on you! I’m definitely starting to look a brighter colors and this is a very tempting one. 🙂

  2. lucinda veen says

    This is so pretty on you, though I can’t figure out why MAC called it “Red Balloon” when it’s definitely a fuchsia! I thought about buying Toying Around, the coral lipstick from Playland, but restrained myself. Maybe I shouldn’t have…

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