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It’s now officially spring but it sure doesn’t feel or look like it. There’s snow still on the ground, and the temperature is just too dang cold still for my liking. It’s putting a serious crimp in my blogging abilities as a result. This mama has had enough with the Polar Vortex.

I’ve been distracting myself with a lot of shopping (clothes shopping), blog reading, and makeup organizing. I am on a mission to pare down my collection to just the items that I love — I need to stop feeling the need to hoard  collect so much. I reach for certain products most of the time so I really don’t need to have thirty different lipsticks or blushes of the same colour.

Things that are exciting me lately: orange lipsticks, my lips but better lipsticks paired with gloss, Hourglass Ambient Blushes and NARS Narcissist palette (so glad I caved in and got it!).

That’s it. Hope you have the most excellent week!


  1. Lélo says

    Hating this polar vortex too! Cannot wait for winter to turn into a real spring. You look fabulous btw 🙂

  2. says

    Aww I hope spring will make it your way soon! It certainly feels that way here (knowing Belgium, we’ll have to pay for this in summer)!

    Yess orange lipsticks! I don’t know why I tend to ignore them. They are actually very easy to pull off with my skin tone! My recent favorite is Givenchy Glamorous Orange!

  3. Icaria says

    Sooo tired of the white stuff and the cold!!! I’m torn about the NARS palette! I want it but just can’t justify the price. I love my little Fairy’s Kiss and I would probably get a lot of use out of this one but argh that price!

  4. says

    I hope it gets springified up there ASAP! It’s going to be 28 degrees F here tomorrow morning which I find to be completely absurd. I live next to Florida. I want some WARMTH! I think I have 48 “neutral pink” lipsticks myself…but I’m not ready to let any of them go just yet….good on ya for clearing out some space!

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