Here’s Looking at You…With My False Eyelashes

I am not blessed with long, fluttery eyelashes so I love, love, love the look of falsies. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the best of luck at false lashes. Truth be told, I can’t for the life of me figure out how to apply them. But always up for a challenge, I decided to give the Esqido mink lashes a chance.  They look so beautiful, and I thought, why the heck not?

Esqido lashes are made from “the softest and finest naturally shedded mink hairs.” Mink? I had no idea but I have to admit I love the look and feel of these. Check out the Esqido False Lashes  I tested out: 

1) BFF Lashes ($38.00 — on sale!). Va-va-va-voom. This one says come hither. The strands here overlap slightly creating a beautiful effect. Perfect ones to wear for Valentine’s Day!  

2) Little Black Lash ($34.00, also on sale!). Like a Little Black Dress, these are perfect for everyday. The strands are spaced out to create the most natural look. 

Aren’t the lashes gorgeous? They are definitely too pretty to leave in the boxes.

To prepare myself, I watched Youtube videos and read blog post after blog post. It was going to be easy!  Well, not so much. I’m still a dunce but the lashes are worth it and definitely easy to work with. It was my own lack of skill.  Once I got them on, I was in love. The lashes look so natural even though they are way more dramatic than my natural ones. Here’s a look at Little Black Lash:


I love how false lashes add that extra somethin’ somethin’ to a look, and I’m determined to keep practicing to perfect this especially now that I have these amazing lashes to choose from.

Check out Tracy’s post about Esqido. The lashes she tested were awesome. Hawt!

What are your tips to false lashes application?

*PR samples provided by the lovely people at Esqido. Views are my own.


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    I too stink at applying false lashes, but I’ve decided I need to learn how to do it so I can wear them for my wedding. T-minus 2 months and 6 days…and I’ve yet to practice! Gosh I am so motivated and amazing, like a little Olympian. Ha ha! These are gorgeous on you! i love both looks, the natural ones are just perfection for every day and the boomin’ ones are super pretty and special!!

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