Review: Maybelline Master Hi-Light in Pink Rose

Through the years, I’ve acquired dozens of blushes. The sad thing is that I just came to the realization that I don’t apply enough. I guess that’s better than over applying, right? So, here I am, the mistress of blush acquisition yet you would never know it by looking at my face on a daily basis. D’oh! Anyway, I’ve been trying a little harder to add a little bit more glow and I think I’m making progress.

One product that has captured my blush-loving heart is the new Maybelline Master Hi-Light by Face Studio blushes.

I previewed three blushes from the line, and because I love them all, I’m going to share one by one. Today, let’s talk about Pink Rose ($13.99),  a gorgeous pink blush that would work for many skin tones.

On me, it gives a soft pink glow that looks natural. I did what I feared doing in the past and that was to apply a little heavier than I was used to.  This blush is pigmented so I swirled my brush into the powder, and tapped it on lightly at first and gradually built up to the intensity I felt comfortable with. I loved the effect! On my cheeks, it looked luminous and multi-dimensional.

The blush is unscented, and contains ultra-light pigments that won’t clog or weigh down the skin. Shimmer is very minimal which is important for someone like me who just hit the big 4-2 (eeek!).

I was pleased with the lasting power (7 to 8 hours for me). There is a compartment with a mirror and brush; the mirror is great but the brush felt a bit scratchy. I prefer using my own fluffy blush brush to apply.

All in all, I love the glow this blush gives — and I love how it makes it for blush-challenged people like me. I also love that it feels luxe and high-end but at fraction of the price. Well done, Maybelline!

Have you tried this blush?


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