Bargain Beauty Alert: NYC CityProof Twistable Intense Color Crayon in Fulton St. Fuchsia

I’ve got to stop being such a makeup snob. I tend to stick to my tried and true brands, often dismissing brands that have really low price points. Maybe it’s from years back when I first became makeup obsessed and bought cheaper products that didn’t wow me with their quality. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned through beauty blogging, it’s that you can’t judge a product by its price point or where it’s sold. There are gems to be found at all levels of makeup. One brand that I’ve typically ignored for no reason really is NYC or New York Color.

When I first laid eyes on NYC’s version of a lip crayon, I wasn’t that excited. Sure it looked pretty but it couldn’t be as good as my beloved pencils from NARS, Annabelle or Clinique. No sirree bob. But I was wrong. NYC’s CityProof Twistable Intense Color Crayon in Fulton St. Fuchsia* is a winner.

Fulton St. Fuchsia is colour that is right up my alley. It is a dark but bright fuchsia. It is neither too cool or too warm, and I think it could work on many skin tones.

This pencil itself glides on beautifully and the pigmentation is excellent. A couple of swipes and it’s va-va-va-voom, statement lip! It is not overly glossy but does have a nice subtle shine. It isn’t as staining as the Revlon Kissable Lip Balm Stains but does leave your lips with some colour even after you’ve eaten.  This felt quite comfortable on the lips, and staying power was good (3 to 4 hours).

Priced at under $4.99 (Canadian), these are a bargain! I am tempted to investigate more items from NYC now, including more of these crayons.

Have you tried anything from New York Color?


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