Absolutely. Obsessed about L’Absolu Velours from Lancome

I have been such a bad beauty blogger. In recent days, I’ve come across products sitting in my ‘must-review sometime’ drawer — products that have been sitting there for months and in some cases, more than a year. So when I come across products that have been sitting there that are freakin’ amazing, yes, freakin’ amazing, I kick myself just a tiny bit. How could I neglect such gems? One of these gems is a line of liquid lipsticks from Lancome called L’Absolu Velours.* I haven’t heard a tonne about these in the beauty blog sphere, but I think maybe it’s only a matter of time. These are amazing.

I tested out two colours. The first, Velours de Caprice (#193), is a gorgeous warm red, which I think is one of the most perfect reds I’ve ever come across. It’s considered the ‘star’ shade and is the velvet version of the iconic L’ Absolu Rouge shade. I will definitely be showing this one a lot of love.

The second shade I tried was Velours d’Etincelle #127. It is a heritage shade from Lancome that was originally created in 1955! It’s a bright orange-red that is so brightening for the face. The secret to this unique shade? According to Lancome, there’s a touch of white that gives the colour more radiance.  I believe it! I couldn’t stop staring at my lips when I first put this on.

The beauty about these is the finish. Initially these apply glossy but after a few minutes, it becomes matte. But it’s not a dry matte. It has a velvety texture and looks phenomenal.

With both shades, the pigmentation is incredible – you only need to swipe once to get full coverage. And lasting power? Amazing. I got a good five to six hours, and it felt comfortable the whole day.

I can’t say enough good things about these lip colours. I’m so happy to have given them a chance!

The L’Absolu Velours are available exclusively at Shopper’s Drug Mart, and are priced at $33 (Canadian).

Do you have a favourite Lancome lipstick?


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    I think I have one, in Rose Garnet. I love it! It smells a little weird, but I love the colour. You’re right that they last, and moisturizing on the lips too 🙂

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    omg wannnnnttttt and those NARS blushes. Dying to have them but I seriously can’t justify buying any more blush for the rest of my life 🙁

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