The Case for Wearing Red Lipstick This Holiday Season

Can we talk about one of my favourite subjects again ladies? Red lipstick. Yes, I know I previously said you are either a red lipstick girl or not. But I’m going to try and make a case that this season, you should try red — even if it’s just a teeny tiny amount. It’s such a happy and festive colour, and if there’s one time of year, you should try to wear it, it’s now!

You have so many formulations to choose from these days, from sheer lip gloss like Bobbi Brown’s new limited Edition Red lipgloss* or a full-on retro matte lipstick like MAC’s Russian Red. So there is no excuse right?

This season, I’ve fallen for Bobbi Brown’s Old Hollywood lipstick*.  Housed in a beautiful gold tube, this red is perfection. It is part of Bobbi’s Old Hollywood collection that includes the sheer red lipgloss and the most gorgeous gold high shimmer gloss. Let’s take a moment to admire these beauties.

Isn’t the red gloss divine? And the shimmer in the gold gloss totally gorge?

Ok, back to the lipstick. This is so beautiful. You can wear almost anything and look glam. Case in point, when I snapped this picture, I was snowed in and wearing a t-shirt and fleece jacket.

But this lipstick made me feel fab, and I can’t wait to sport it during the holidays. It glides on beautifully, and feels incredibly smooth and comfortable on the lips. Worn alone or paired with either the red lipgloss or the Gold High Shimmer Lip gloss, this lipstick will turn heads. If you prefer to keep it more understated, you can always dab it on with your fingers to create more of a stain. Always a good trick.

The collection is available now at your local Bobbi Brown counter, or online.

Show me your red lipsticks if you dare to wear! I hope you do. Email me at lipstickrules at gmail dotcom.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post though Bobbi Brown sent samples for consideration. I’m honestly in love.  


  1. Beautygirl24 says

    I agree! I’m definitely a convert of the red/bold lip look. I used to only wear light pinks and nudes, which is such a mistake! I think I was trying to look like Kim K. instead of Noelle K. lol. I think red lips are the epitome of chic and glamour 🙂

  2. says

    I’m not a red girl by nature – I just think it makes my lips look ginormy giant. However, I’ve recently met MAC Lady Bug and my mind has changed! It’s sheer enough that I don’t feel like a bit of an ass clown whilst sporting it but red enough to count! You look fabulous in every lipstick color, I swear. You have a universal lippie GIFT, Michelle! This Bobbi red gloss is lovely. Me wanty.

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