Love Nude Lipsticks? You’ll Dig The Buffs from Maybelline (Sneak Peek)

You know I’m a bold lipstick lover through and through. But sometimes, I really dig a good nude lipstick. I actually believe that everyone needs to have one in their makeup arsenal.  I may *ahem* have one…or two nude lipsticks..okay  fine, I have more than four that I use regularly.

Thanks to Maybelline, I’m likely going to add one or two more to my rotation. This January, Maybelline is adding to its Color Sensational family — a nude lipstick collection aptly called The Buffs. The collection features eight bold nude hues, from rich beige to spicy espresso.



Grace Lee, Maybelline’s lead makeup artist in Canada offers up a few tips on wearing nude lipsticks:

  • Prep the lips first with Baby Lips for moisture and protection. (Note, I adore Baby Lips and I have a new one I’ve been obsessed with that I will share with you later this week!)
  • If you have a lot of colour or red in your lips, she suggests using a bit of concealer to blot out the redness. She then suggests adding the Buff colour on top

According to Grace,  “think of nude lipstick the same way you think about your foundation. To get the right colour, consider your skin colour. For a fairer complexion, a nude that’s too beige will appear yellow; instead, pick a nude that’s in the pale pink hues. For those with medium tones, I would use a deeper beige to coffee nude.”

Great tips, right? I can’t wait to start testing these out over the next few weeks. Will report back!

The Buffs will be available at drugstores and mass retailers across Canada as of January. Suggested retail price for the lipsticks is $9.99.

Which Buff lipstick is catching your eye?


  1. says

    Those are niiiice!!! 945 actually kind of looks like Rouge Dior in Grège which I love. I just might have a closer look at 930 since it appears a little more pink and I do think it would be a nice one for my skin tone. 🙂

  2. Adrienne says

    I saw these yesterday in my local rite-aid store but the display had already been picked clean with the exception of 910 and 915 which were the lightest colors I saw. I searched online and you were the only site that had any information. Maybe CVS and Walgreens will have them soon. Not sure when Rite-Aid put these out because they all gone along with the pore eraser-refiner. Thanks for the swatches.

    • Michelle says

      I hope you find them soon Adrienne. Mine are press samples and here in Canada, they won’t be out till January. They are lovely!

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