Which Comes First, the Makeup Or The Outfit?

Can I get more superficial or what? Some women may wear the same colour scheme every day with their makeup. I’m not one of these women. I change up my makeup. Every day. Lipstick especially. But that shouldn’t surprise you, right?

(Makeup: L’Oreal Collection Privee lipstick in Eva’s Nude, Diorskin Nude foundation, NARS Deep Throat Blush, Maybelline Great Lash mascara, MAC COSMETICS Blacktrack Fluidline)

For me, it’s the outfit first. If I’m wearing my favourite orange pants from the Gap, I won’t wear bright orange lips. Even for me that would be overkill. If my outfit feels more elegant, then I try to keep my makeup neutral. If the outfit has a bit more ‘tude, then I try to do the same with makeup.

Once I decide on the direction I start to think about the makeup focal point — lips or eyes. It’s never both. At least, it isn’t for me. It’s not like I go nuts with any look but I tend to keep it understated for the most part. But I never go for a heavy makeup look — that’s just me. For example, I will not wear a lot of liquid liner if I plan to wear a very bright and bold lip colour. It’s simple really.

Over to you – how do you decide? Do you switch it up daily or do you keep it the same every day?

No judging here. Just curious 🙂


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    Good thought. For the most parts i’m like you. First comes the outfit and depending on the occasion, i will pick the makeup. I mostly go for a bolder eye look, instead of a lip accent. But as you said, i never do both. It’s either lips or eyes.
    Right now i’ still learning to wear brighter lipsticks, before i was a lip balm or gloss girl. 😉

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    OMG Michelle!!! *light bulb moment* Ok so I always go for the outfit first but I just realised why I prefer neutral lips… I love heavy eyeliner on upper lid, never lower. A bit à la 60s but with a twist. So lips are never too bright otherwise I’d look like someone stuck in the 80s. 😀

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    Fun post, MichWich! I feel loathing towards my closet lately since my pants all seem to be bordering on too tight, and my shirts all seem too big. How’d this happen? I usually buy tops larger to allow for shrinkage since I have a hefty-ish bust and no hips, like a boy with water balloons in his shirt! I think I just started buying tops a bit too large and no shrinkage occurred. Anyway, I always do my makeup first and then pick out clothes. I’m the same as you, if the eyes are all linered up and booyah’d, the lips will be pretty tame, and vice versa!

    • Michelle says

      Oh Kristen, how I love how you call me MichWich. Cracks me up every time. Seriously. LOL. I can relate to your fashion dilemmas. I’ve discovered a ‘uniform’ of sorts using blazers, cardigans etc. to layer on top of tops (I too struggle with bigger bust, no hips). Once I figured this out, I switched from focusing on my makeup first to outfit first.

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    Outfit first for me also. When I wear black, I like neutrals for my eyes and lips. I wont wear a purple eye look if I wear purple. I will wear taupe eyeshadow and raspberry lips. I have like, 5 looks that I wear depending on the outfit. I dont stray far from the usual…

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