Pastels? Me? Okay! How Lise Watier’s Pastel Power Collection Changed My Mind About Pastels

I don’t love the weather but I do love Fall & Winter makeup. I’m all about the deep, dark tones of the season. I hardly ever get excited about Spring makeup, and the reason is…pastels. We just don’t get along.

But…I think I could be a convert. Everything I’ve been testing from Spring has just been so…pretty. Case in point, Lise Watier’s Spring collection, which is aptly named: “Pastel Power”.

Below are three of my favourite pieces from the collection*. Here’s Pink Power blush, which is so, so pretty. I have been wearing this regularly. It is a gorgeous coral pink that applies so smoothly and gives the most amazing glow. The lighter flowers have a been of highlight effect but nothing overpowering.

Next up is the Quatuor Pastel Power eyeshadow palette. The colours in this palette are not ones I would run to normally. I’m glad I gave it a shot because I loved the combinations. I used the darker grey blue in the crease, the lighter grey blue on the lid, and the beige colour in the inner corners. The peach shade I actually used to blend out the darker crease shade.

Next up is my overall favourite item from the collection, the Pastel Power Illuminating Beads. Just looking at them makes me happy. I have used this all over my face or just as a highlighter. It perks up my complexion and I love it.

So there you have it. A pretty pastel collection for Spring.  Here’s how I wore the products one day, including the lipstick and gloss from the collection.  All very soft and romantic in my opinion.

The Pastel Power collection is Limited Edition, and available now online and wherever Lise Watier products are sold.

Are you a pastel fan?

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