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When you’ve got a mini-Sephora in your own household, how do you ever decide what to put on your face each day? That my friends, is a question I’m asked often. I’m also asked how I find time to even put on a full face on a daily basis. The answer is:  I keep it simple

I’m very fortunate to have a lot of choice when it comes to makeup but for everyday work makeup, my routine is really simple. Experimentation is for the weekend.

More often than not, I choose neutral colours for my eyes and I keep it very understated. No smokey or heavily lined eyes here; I like to keep the focus on my lips. Naturally. For eye makeup, I love the Urban Decay Naked Palettes, which I use at least three times a week. I also have go-to MAC neutral shades (Satin Taupe, Woodwinked, Arena, Soba, Ricepaper, Soft Brown etc.) and NARS favourites (Ashes to Ashes, Ondine, Alhambra). More often than not, I line my upper eyelid with a black gel liner (MAC Blacktrack or Bobbi Brown Caviar Ink), and top it with the mascara of the day.

My cheeks also tend to be understated though I do switch up my blush based on my lipstick choice. Current favourites are on the neutral side: Tarte Exposed (a new favourite!), and NARS Douceur.

That’s it. Easy peasy. I can literally do this in less than 10 minutes.  It  might not seem exciting for some but for me, it works and ultimately that’s what matters, right?

Do you have a go-to look for work?


  1. says

    Sometimes the simplest looks are the ones that makes us feel most confident! Keeping it simple is the way I go during the week as well. You look amazing Michelle 🙂

  2. says

    i don’t really have a go-to look yet, but I’m trying to perfect a 5-10 minute look! for whatever reason, it seems to take me 5 minutes to just put on mascara! LOL must be the AM sleepiness making me horribly slow. and yes, I think it is tough to pick through SO many products, and that’s why I’ve selected my weekly bag of products. It seems to be helping, so hopefully I can figure out a go-to look for work soon! 🙂

  3. says

    Since I work from home, I don’t really have go-to office looks! If I work in an office, I’ll give my Hourglass duos, Bobbi Brown Rich Caviar Palette, and Burberry Pale Barley lot of love! Well they get a lot of love as it is to be honest. Since I fell hard and fast for lipsticks, sometimes I want something really understated on my eyes!

    • Michelle says

      I need to get my hands on all of those products you mentioned Sunny. And you know how I feel about the focus on the lips 😉

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    I’m a bit like you Michelle, if I’m short in time I go for a pretty basic face and a brighter lipshade, it makes a lot of difference in just a few seconds! I don’t really wear make-up every day, but I do like to look a bit polished ^^.

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