Hitting the (Revlon) Lipstick Jackpot!

Ever buy a lipstick and feel like you’ve hit the jackpot? That’s how I feel about two new lipsticks that came home with me this weekend thanks to a fantastic sale at Shopper’s Drug Mart.

Behold, the beauty that is Raspberry Bite and Love that Pink.

Aren’t they pretty? They are just as pretty in the tube as they are on the lips. More on that in a bit! First, let me tell you the story of how they came home with me.

My pet peeve about drug store makeup shopping is the lack of ability to swatch properly as samples are often missing or just not available. I picked these two lipsticks based on what I could see from the clear top of the tube. My expectations were low. But when I got home and applied these on my lips, I heard the lipstick angels proclaiming their joy. A hit! A hit!

I fell head over heels in love.

These are my first two Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks, a line I’ve been eyeing recently thanks to Essie Button, who has reviewed them extensively on her blog and in her videos. Now that I’ve tried these two, I can’t believe I haven’t tried them before!

They are ah-mazing. They are highly pigmented, creamy and comfortable to wear. They feel luxurious. And I love, love, love the colours.

Love that Pink is a bright coral pink. Β This is a fun, yet sophisticated colour that is totally wearable on casual days or at the office. Raspberry Bite is a rich and dark berry red wine colour that makes me feel glam. Dare I say, it also makes me feel, Β in the words of my good friend Tracy, schmexxy, when I put it on?

Here’s Love that Pink. It makes me feel somewhat flirty when I put it on…Watch out husband!

And then there’s this colour. Raspberry Bite. It’s definitely schmexxy.

In all seriousness, I’m in love with these lipsticks. I’m already watching the flyers for another sale at Shopper’s.

I have my eye one or two…okay, three more colours from the line. Β I’m living up to the blog name once again. πŸ˜‰

What about you — have you tried these lipsticks? Do you have any recommendations?


  1. Sparkled Beauty says

    How is it possible that the lipstick Queen only bought 2 lipsticks in a sale like that? Lol watch out husband, I love the humour!

    • Michelle says

      Well…I did get two Lip Butters at the same time so essentially I got four lipsticks πŸ˜‰ As for my husband comment, he’s not an avid reader so I can get away with this kind of thing. LOL

    • Michelle says

      Thank you! The funny thing is I never look at flyers and last week I did and thought about it all week. I caved in on Saturday morning…can’t beat $4.99 for a lipstick!

  2. says

    I’ve been searching for a new bring coral pink lipstick and haven’t stumbled across one I love. This shade is gorgeous- may have to check it out.

  3. says

    The Super Lustrous line is truly hit and miss with me. Some are super sheer, some migrate, and some are spot on perfect. Two that I love are Demure and Really Red (which is from their matte line). Don’t even question Really Red. Just buy. It is ah-mazing.

  4. says

    LOVE them both on you! SUPER SHMEXXXXXXXXXY! Yeah that’s right you are SUPER SHMEXXXXXXY! πŸ™‚ I need to take an afternoon and lipstick shop at the drugstore and actually look at them all. So many gems! Man, I wish we could do that together though, hey?

    • Michelle says

      Tee hee! I thought of you when I put them on. LOL. I hardly ever go take a look at lipsticks at the drug store, and I have to say this was fun. Let’s do it though when we finally meet in person. Start saving $ πŸ˜‰


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