Oxblood colour lipstick? Sign Me Up!

Oxblood. It’s a description of the deep berry, blood red colour that is one of the ‘it’ colours of the season. Something about the word evokes richness, depth, and ‘schmexiness.’  I wanted Oxblood colour for my lips. I own a few lipsticks in this colour range and didn’t think I ‘needed’ to get another…until I saw Rae’s post on The Notice (link!) about MAC’s Desire.

After reading it, I desired Desire. Again. You see, I owned it way back when but Back to MAC’d it when I thought I was over the colour.

I’m clearly not. I do have to say it brings me back to ’90s and the dark lips phase I went through. If you’re of my vintage, you know what I mean. Today, it’s modern and can I say, edgy. Here I swiped it a couple of times on my lips for the full coverage effect. Click on photos to see the colour in more detail. It has a nice sheen and depth to it, yes?

Check out Rae’s post for other ways to wear this beautiful, versatile, Oxblood-coloured lipstick.

Are you sporting darker lipsticks this winter?


  1. says

    what a beautiful colour on you Michelle 🙂 I don’t believe I own this shade but other colours I could dupe.

    Btw for some reason the term oxblood makes me uneasy. I mush prefer to call it good ol’ burgundy 😀

    • Michelle says

      You should check it out – I bet it would look amazing on you. I have to say I agree with you re: the term Oxblood. LOL

  2. says

    Love this colour on you. Think I am going to get it! And P.S. I am totally of your “vintage” so I do remember the 90’s dark lipstick phase. In fact Clinque’ “Black Honey” is one I used back in the day and have continued to use – in my makeup bag now! Oldies but goodies I say!!

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