Head to Head: MAC Party Parrot vs. MAC Impassioned Lipstick

So I bought some new lipsticks. Yessiree. It was my birthday a few weeks ago, and I decided to gift myself via a MAC and Sephora haul. My MAC picks included Party Parrot, a bright red pink. I did my research online…or so I thought.

When I saw the lipstick in person, I was all a lady ga-ga. 😉 It is a beautiful colour. But there was something about it that reminded me of another lipstick. I dug through my collection and sure enough, there it was: MAC’s Impassioned, an all-time favourite. I then Googled both lipsticks and saw many, many comparisons of the two.

Party Parrot is matte, and I would say has more red and a bit deeper.

Impassioned is an Amplified Creme and has a bit more coral undertone to it. 

Do you need both? Probably not unless you’re a lipstick junkie like me. I love them both.

Who doesn’t love a bright lipstick? 😉


  1. says

    I didn’t think I need Party Parrot. Now I think I do. Also on my MAC list, Rebel and Diva <—thanks to you and Cheryl for tweeting about that one. No worries, one day I'll just enable back XD

  2. Ingrid says

    Oh yay – so glad you compared them! I have and love Impassioned but and wasn’t sure whether to get Party Parrot (its so beautiful but similar) but seeing your side by side I can see that Party Parrot definitely has a place ready for it in my collection 🙂

  3. says

    I have a handful of things that I need to take to MAC to get recycled. I’ve been itching for a new super pink, so I’ll take a look at these!

    (MAC will exchange six empty MAC cosmetic containers/old products for a new tube of lipstick – it’s part of their recycling campaign!)

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