Beachy Waves For This Mama: How Rowenta’s Curl Active Curls My Hair in Minutes

Mornings are hectic in my household but I have mastered the ability to get myself and my kids ready, presentable, fed and out the door in one hour. It’s a military operation down to the minute, from getting them up, me taking a shower, making breakfasts and packing lunches, getting them and myself dressed, makeup application, and the curling of hair. Oh yes, there is time to curl hair. As far as I’m concerned, there is always time for curls 🙂

Ever since I embraced the ombre in the Fall, I’ve been obsessed about curling my hair. Even though my hair looks fine straight, I prefer loose beachy waves with the ombre colour. I like the effect and the body it gives my hair. The product that’s been helping me achieve the beachy waves mama look — and save time — is courtesy of Rowenta Beauty. The curling iron is called Curl Active.

The Rowenta Curl Active is not your typical curling iron. It makes it easy peasy as it automatically wraps hair around the wand with the flick of a button. I have to admit I was very hesitant and somewhat nervous to try it. But once I did, it was so effortless and quick. It heats up in one and a half minutes, and I can do my entire head in less than 10 minutes.

There are two heat settings, high and medium. I tend to go with medium as I don’t want to burn my hair. It does take some getting used to in terms of which direction the wand turns but once you decide which way you want your hair to wrap, it’s effortless.

Curl Active is available at salons or at Rowenta Beauty online (link). It is a salon-quality product, priced at $179. But if you want to invest in a solid curling iron that does most of the work for you, it’s worth investigating.

Do you own any salon quality hair styling tools? Are they worth the investment?

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    I LOVE you with curls! You do it so well 🙂 I got a flat iron a while ago and keep thinking I’ll learn how to curl my hair with it, but haven’t had much success so far.

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