A Revelation About Mascara

There’s nothing like a good mascara. I’ve been told this by many a friend but yet, I’ve never been one to buy into this idea. When it comes to my daily makeup routine, mascara is always last on my list. Yes, yes, I know what it can do to open the eye and complete  a look. I get that.  But it has never really gotten me excited. Scroll through my archives and check. Mascara is one item I rarely blog about.

But this might change. Soon.

This past week, I was chatting with my friends Lizzie and Alex about makeup (go figure) and the conversation eventually led to a discussion about mascara. Well, let me tell you, this discussion has changed my perception about mascara.

They talked about how they use not one but two types of mascara to get the effect they like. Two? Who would have thought?! And it turns out that I also can’t rush the process. I need to spend a little bit more time on application versus the quick swoops I do at the end of my makeup routine. So it turns out, if I want to create long, voluminous lashes I need to spend the time and I may need to use the more than one product. Serious revelations. I know that for many of you this is obvious. For someone like me, not so much.

So I have taken their advice to heart and in the last two days, I used two mascaras and took the time to apply it. It is working. I’m amazed. I must have been living under a rock…

So I ask you my readers, what are your mascara tips? Do you use one or two? Or do you have one go-to mascara that does it all for you? 


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    I am a mascara junkie, and I’m always surprised when I hear there are people who don’t care a lot about it! I tend to use one mascara, but I do really like the Dior lash primer. When I need a lot of drama I do one coat of primer and two coats of mascara!

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    My no1 of the moment is EL Sumptuous. It’s one of the rare ones that keeps the curl. My lashes point downwards… I have to heat my lash curler (Shiseido) with the blowdryer and curl with the mascara on. No it doesn’t break my lashes. I finish with Clinique High Impact, especially on the tips (I have a couple of these from GWP). I was never able to find a suitable option among drugstore brands, yet.

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    I recently repurchased Annabelle Le Big Show and it gives me volume, length and curl like no other. I love!!!

    If I’m using a mascara that doesn’t deliver all of the above, then I will sometimes layer two. I do a volumizing mascara, then layer a lengthening mascara on top.

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    Mascara is one product I am very picky about. Even more so than foundation or concealer! My lashes are semi-dense, but straight and not particularly thick. I. love. bold. lashes. And while I do take the time to apply mascara properly, I unfortunately don’t have the time to let it dry between coats so I can apply another type. My go to is MUFE Aqua Smoky Lash because it seriously does it all. Holds a dramatic curl, volume, and some length. For awhile a tried multiple mascaras, but I’d rather use multiple products on something like my brows 🙂

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    I use 2 mascaras, and here is my routine: I curl my lashes, then swipe 1 coat of waterproof volumizing mascara to hold the curl. Then I used a lengthening one, then back to the waterproof mascara. It gives me lots of lashes and the curl will hold for the entire day. Also, the technique that I am currently loving in applying mascara is placing it under your lashes then closing your eyes. It works for me! 🙂

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    I absolutely layer, two or three usually. I have used the same two or three though for YEARS. After I curl, I use Maybelline Lash Disc WP base to tip one to two coats all over to get everything. Then one to two coats of Maybelline Full n Soft WP all over, focusing on the roots first. Then some days a coat of Loreal Voluminous WP over that.

    That’s insane now that I type it out.

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