Pure Grace by Philosophy

I was once a one-fragrance, signature scent kind of woman. But lately, I realized how much fun it is to switch it up, depending on my mood.

Philosophy’s Pure Grace entered my life in the summer when I was introduced to the Philosophy brand. Since then, I’ve been wearing this fragrance at least three or four times a week.

I don’t know much about fragrances. But I do know what I like. Typically, it’s scents that are more earthy in tone,  musky. I also like florals and ‘clean’ not complex or overpowering scents. When I read the online description about this fragrance, I finally understood why it spoke to me:

“A lighter, softer, crisper interpretation of the original Amazing Grace fragrance, Pure Grace is a clean, transparent blend of fresh blossoms and cool greens, laced with sensual, frosty musk.”

To me, it does smell fresh and modern. I feel great when I spritz it on. I never feel like I’m overwhelming people around me. The scent for me is appropriate for a work day and also when I’m out and about with the family. And it’s the only fragrance my husband has commented on , and said he loved, in recent memory. Bonus points!

Do you have a go-to scent or do you mix it up?


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