Lipliner as lipstick: How often do you do this?

There was a time when I bought a lipliner with every lipstick I bought. ย The problem with this is that I don’t wear liner often, and as a result, many of these pencils go largely unloved. The other day, I decided to change things up and wore one liner as my lip colour for the day. I loved it!

My liner of choice was from MAC and it was Redd. It is such a pretty neutral tomato red, neither too warm or cool. I basically coloured my lips all over and then applied my fave sheer Maybelline BabyLips balm on top to add a bit of moisture.

The great thing about wearing a liner is its longevity. The drawback is that it can feel dry, hence my application of Babylips balm on top.

On another note, I’m loving all the filters now available on Picasa. So you must excuse me as I experiment with various ones over the next few days. Feel like a kid in a candy store…


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    Haha that Picasa part cracked me up ๐Ÿ™‚

    I only own one liner so far (blasphemy!), and it’s Too Faced Perfect Red. I love how much it has done for me, so I think my liner collection will expand in the near future ๐Ÿ™‚ I haven’t tried to wear it as a lipstick though. I should try!

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    Love your lipliner color and I love Babylips! I’m with you on the dry factor, but liner can certainly help the color of a lipstick stay much longer. I definitely don’t buy as many liners as I used to, so sometimes I just use a neutral lip color that matches my actual lips under every lip color – is that bad??!!

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    Hi there, so funny you have posted about this, because just a couple of days ago I started doing the same – I just used some Illamasqua liner I was sold along with the red Box lipstick and I found it lasted really well; next day I did the same with a pink Illamasqua liner, Atomic I think it is called; I have been slapping on some Clinique All About Lips on my lips first to counteract the drying effect. Best wishes Blighty

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