A Lipstick To Suit All Moods: MAC Capricious

According to the dictionary, Capricious is an adjective that means ‘given to sudden and unaccountable changes in mood or behaviour.’ I looked it up after I decided to wear MAC’s Capricious lipstick today. An interesting name for a lipstick that really is more of an understated, yet elegant colour. Maybe it’s because Capricious is so easy to wear — no matter what your mood.

I have to admit Capricious is a lipstick I often neglect. But each time I ‘find’ it in my stash, I wonder why I don’t wear it more regularly.

Capricious is a lustre formula, offering a moist, less opaque finish on the lips. The colour is a lovely rosey plum that I think would complement many skintones.

It’s not a statement-making lipstick but it does pair well as part of an everyday office look or even with a smokey eye for a night out.

Do you ever wonder why makeup products are named a certain way?


  1. Alicia says

    One of my favorites and is in my makeup bag. I’ve often paired it with a smokey eye as its the perfect understated lip colour.

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