Introducing (my new love) MAC Fashion Sets: Russian Red

I have been a MAC fan since the 1990s. I credit MAC with starting me on the path to what I sometimes say is my makeup madness. I was the one girl amongst all my friends in university with the most MAC lipsticks (seven if you’re interested). Through the years, my collection has ballooned to obscene proportions. Given this, you’d think I would have had some prior relationship with a MAC classic, Russian Red lipstick. You would think.

But Russian Red and I, for one reason or another, never officially met until this week. Blasphemy, right?

On first application of Russian Red, my heart melted. It’s such an amazing, amazing colour. Now, I get why this is considered a cult classic.

Russian Red is one of the colours featured in a new collection from MAC this week called Fashion Sets. The collection is based around seven best selling and cult favorite MAC lipsticks from around the world, such as Russian Red, Impassioned, Girl About Town, Morange, and Saint Germain. The ‘sets’ part is that each lipstick is paired with matching lipglosses and nail polishes. Love this concept!

Russian Red is one of the most beautiful reds I’ve ever worn. I think it is the red I’ve been hunting for all these years.

Wearing Russian Red Lipglass on top of the lipstick takes it up to a whole other level. Yes, I swooned. So pretty!

The lipglass on its own is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S.  It does seem slightly warmer to me than the lipstick but works very well on its own.

And finally, the nail polish which I find absolutely stunning in my opinion.

In general, I’m not a matchy matchy kind of girl but this collection has struck a chord with me. I am already thinking about picking up Impassioned and Morange sets which are only available online.

And oh yah, I may or may not have already put a Rebel set on hold at my local counter. ;-)

In the meantime, here’s more info about the collection. Available online now and at counters for a limited time from May 3 to June 28.  MAC’s description:

“Rebel in New York, Saint Germain in Seoul, Morange in Paris, Russian Red in Dubai – the must–have lip shades that M·A·C fans around the world reach for, and fall in love with, over and over again. Colours so globally gorgeous we worked them into 3-piece collections of go- everywhere lipstick, lipglass and nail lacquer trios in 7 classic palettes that are perfectly coordinated and regionally inspired.  Wherever you are, tip and lip the scale in your fashion favour”.

*Product Sample. Views are my own

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