My Video Debut with Maybelline Canada…and Power Suit?!

As you know last month, I had an opportunity to film a video with Maybelline Canada and its lead makeup artist, Grace Lee about my take on a spring beauty trend. My trend? Bold lips of course! Here’s the post I did about the experience. The video is now live on Maybelline Canada’s YouTube Channel.

Pretty cool me thinks!

There is one thing that struck me after watching. My reference to…the power suit. Whaaat?! Hello, did I just step out of the 80s and 90s?! I have never ever said those words together before! For some reason, I blurted it out here. When I think power suit, I am reminded of Working Girl. Please say you remember this movie.

Power suits aside, I had a blast at the shoot during Toronto Fashion Week. This was truly a highlight of my blogging career and I feel very honoured.

Thanks again Maybelline Canada!

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