MAC Heroine Scared Me At First…

Purple magenta is one colour I have yet to embrace, me lover of all bold lipsticks. So when MAC’s Heroine arrived,  I kind of freaked out. It is just so….purple.

Too scared to try it, I left it in a drawer. I thought it might end up in the makeup graveyard, yet each time I opened the drawer it called out, “try me, try me.”

So I did.

And I liked.

Very much.

It is definitely a statement and something beyond my current comfort zone. I wore it more muted and then full-on. One is a bit more acceptable for a corporate environment while the other is more, HELLO WORLD, LOOK AT MA LIPS!

It’s cool though. I appreciate its beauty.

Heroine is a matte but doesn’t feel dry. It is part of the Reel Sexy collection out now. Not sure if it’s still available as it seems all the lipstick colours were getting snapped up fast! Also check out the lovely XinaRox who looks amazing in this colour (link!)

Have you embraced purple?

*Product sample


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