Look at Me I’m Glowing…

Ladies (and gents?), I’m here to report that I think I’ve made great strides in my quest to improve my blush application. Remember that post when I told you I didn’t know how? Click here in case you missed it.

Slowly but surely, I’ve tried to apply blush more on the cheekbones (no apple cheeks for me I’m afraid) and building up the colour. And you know what? I think I’ve improved. Take this FOTD I took the other day for my Chanel Cambon lipstick post.

Here I applied shu uemura’s Fairy Pink, a lovey peachy pink that has become one of my favorite blushes.(Love the dome shape, don’t you?)

When I first got this blush, I applied it sparingly. Not sure why given how natural looking this colour is. I’ve tried to take it up a notch  applying a bit more than my normal amount. I think it’s pretty natural still and complements the look. What I love about this blush is how easily it blends into the skin, and how easy it is to build up. A few simple taps and voila, instant glowy face. Love it.

While  I don’t think I’ve perfected my blush application, I’m improving. And that makes me very excited.


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