I’m in “Hervana” thanks to Benefit

I often find it difficult to review blush. After all, how many times can I say: it gives the most natural flush? Or, it blends beautifully and makes you look like you just stepped in from the cold?


But I have to say Benefit’s Hervana blush does all of this.  It does give a natural flush, and it does blend beautifully. And it is just so…pretty.

I was mesmerized (no joke) when I opened up the box. Look at the pretty swirls of colour. I have seen other bloggers swatch each individual shade but honestly I find it too small to have to try and grab individual shades. Instead, I swirl my brush around and get the prettiest of pinks. It reminds me of MAC’s Well Dressed and how it looks on my skin tone.

I don’t find Benefit’s blushes to be as pigmented as NARS blushes but that’s okay. For me, these are fail-safe blushes. They are perfect for days you want a softer and lighter flush or if you are just starting to wear blush.

And the packaging? It’s too cute in my opinion. There’s something about these little Benefit boxed blushes that make my heart a flutter. Sometimes, I like laying them all out in front of me just to admire– my ‘pretties’.  Ok, totally Gollum-like, no?  😉

Have you tried Hervana or other boxed blushes by Benefit?


*Product sample. Views are my own.


  1. says

    You look SO great, Michelle! As weird as this may sound, I’ve never tried any of Benefit’s boxed blushes. I think it’s about time that I do though! I just need to pick a very nice one for my skin tone 🙂

  2. says

    that last pic completely threw me off guard – I was having such a good time looking at all of the pretty swatches and your face, then, that guy!! Ahh!!! Love the humor though:)

  3. says

    Thanks for this review, I have been wondering whether to buy Hervana, may have to invest now! I had Dandelion a while ago, and really liked it.

    • Michelle says

      I love Dandelion too. That colour is really soft on me. This has more pigment than that. I also love the smell!

  4. Carol says

    It looks great on you. You’ve influenced me to bid on Hervana on eBay. (Don’t stress, I’m not holding you responsible!) I have Sugarbomb and Dallas – tho’ I haven’t worn Dallas in a couple of years. Can’t recall why I stopped.

    I’ve tried many Benefit products, including their scrubs and moisturisers – I feel like they’re doing something different and I love that they have fun with their brand and their packaging and don’t take it too seriously.

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