I Wasn’t Always Adventurous With Lipstick

People I meet often assume I’ve always been ‘daring’ with my lipstick choices. Not so.  Far from it actually. Until I started blogging, experimentation for me meant finding colours that looked natural, the “my lips but better” colours. Anything brighter or anything that delved too far away from this was simply a no-no.

First, I didn’t think brighter colours would suit me. My only experience with bright was a colour from MAC called Chili, a matte tomato red that I wore endlessly in the 1990s. That was it. After Chili, it was all about nudes and MLBBs. I simply didn’t have the confidence — or need — to try anything new.

It was a combination of factors that drew me out of my shell. First, it was this blog. The more I learned from the community, the more intrigued I became. I learned names of new colours and essentially I started to hunt these colours down at various counters. I also started going to free makeovers during lunch breaks as a way to learn more from the experts and to try new things. It was the talented makeup artists at various department store events who started to apply colours on my lips that I never thought I could wear. And my eyes opened to a whole new world.

Life changing. Who knew I could wear peach? Or fuchsia?

Slowly but surely I started to wear these colours — and my confidence grew. Eventually, it became part of me. My signature. Now, I will wear almost anything. It’s no surprise to anyone I know to see me sporting a different colour almost daily.

My advice for those of you who want to embrace colour but are a bit intimidated? Have no fear. Try a little bit at a time. Start with a brighter gloss perhaps and then start to experiment with lipstick. Dab it on lightly initially and see how you feel. When you’re ready, dive in – and enjoy.

It’s a lot of fun. Trust me ;-)

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