Chanel Cambon Makes Me…Happy

Might seem trivial or weird to some, but my choice in lipstick can affect my mood. Some lipsticks simply make me happier than others. Chanel’s Cambon is just one — and I’ve been sporting it a lot lately.

It is a true red, not too warm nor cool. Just perfect. It feels creamy on the lips and makes them look luscious (love this word!)

I feel put together when I wear it. I feel alive. And happy. That’s it pure and simple.

Do you have a favorite colour that makes you feel this way? Do you think a colour can affect your mood?

In other news, I will be on a panel discussion at the French Connection Style Stage at the America’s Top Model Live in Toronto! The event takes place May 4 to 6th.  I’ll be there May 6 so if you’re in town, would love to see you. More details here (Link!)


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