An Easy Way to Wear Orange…Gloss!

The colour orange and I are continuing our love-in.From accessories to throw pillows, orange is my new weakness.  I love orange lipstick…and now, gloss. Shu uemura’s Celestial Garden Gloss Unlimited in Corona Orange ($23US) has won favour with this lipstick-loving girl.

Have no fear if you’re unsure of orange. This is a soft orange, a brighter peach colour if you will. It adds just enough colour to my already pigmented lips. It has a hint of shimmer giving lips a dewy and luscious look. And it is not sticky at all — a very important feature for me.

It’s easy to wear on its own or on top of another lipstick. On its own, on me it’s a softer, almost romantic look. I’m ready for date night! (I hope my husband reads this! ;-))

Have you been intrigued by orange?


NOTE: I haven’t had the chance to announce the Stella & Dot Giveaway winner. Stay tuned! It will happen in the next few days!


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    Oh you and are on the same page it seems! I’m completely obsessed with orange right now! I really love how wearable this shade is! It looks so lovely on you :).

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    I’ve dipped my feet in orange recently. Nothing too challenging, just nail polishes and sheer orangey lipsticks. It’s a color that makes me look more tanned than I am, which is a good thing as I’m pretty pale after winter and we’re not having a nice spring!

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