A word about…Blush

I love blush. I collect blush. But something hit me the other day whilst acquiring another beauty for my collection (Posey Creamblend blush if you must know ;-) ). You see, despite my penchant for hoarding acquiring blush, I believe I’m a total dunce at its application.

Quite simply, I don’t know where to apply…and I don’t apply enough.

Part of it is fear of looking like a clown, and the other is fearing like I’ll make a makeup faux pas. I have many childhood memories of blush-gone-wrong. I remember thinking how scary my aunts and mom’s friends looked in the 1980s and 1990s when they wore streaks of red or pink on their cheeks. As a preteen, I remember the horror I felt when my entire cheek was covered, and I mean covered, by blush. God bless the friend of the family who was only trying to help and thought I looked cute. I could show you a photo…but I don’t want to scare you too.

Instead let’s focus on today.  I’m determined to learn how to apply blush properly for my face shape.  I’ve been scouring blogs and YouTube for videos and how-tos. What I discovered is that there are many schools of thought on the best way to apply.  Some say apples of cheeks, while others like Goss Makeup Artist, say no to the apples.

No one is right or wrong so essentially it’s about finding a technique that works for me.  I also have to learn to embrace colour.  I have a light hand and know I won’t go overboard so I need to get over it….right?

Above is one attempt to look flushed. Not bad but I think I still have work to do.

Tell me, what are your tips on how to best apply blush? Are you a high on cheekbones kind of girl or apples of the cheeks?

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