A Beauty Blogger Gets Her Makeup Done…at Toronto Fashion Week with Maybelline Canada!

There are some days when I think, how lucky am I? Today was one of those days.

I was invited by Maybelline Canada to film a video on Spring/Summer makeup trends with their lead makeup artist in Canada, Grace Lee. My trend? Bold lips of course! And where? At World MasterCard Toronto Fashion Week.

I have to admit I had some butterflies in my stomach just prior to filming. I am okay with photography as you know, but video? Not so much. But I recognize a cool opportunity when I see it, and I was so honoured to be asked.

So here I am before the shoot in total awe when I met Grace.

The video we filmed was a Q&A between Grace and myself about bold lips, a subject that is near and dear to my heart.

Grace is so friendly and warm in person — and gorgeous to boot. I really dug her orange lipstick (of course!).

It was so cool to have Grace do my makeup. It’s not everyday that you get someone of her caliber putting on your lipstick. And her choice of colour for me couldn’t have been more perfect (has she been reading my blog? 😉   It was Fifth Avenue Fuchsia from the ColorSensational line. It is bold, it is pink, it is so me. Love, love it! It could be one of my top-five favorite fuchsias – evah!

At the filming, I also had an opportunity to hang out with Janine from Beauty Geeks, one of my favorite beauty sites and daily reads. Janine is also lovely in person, and I have to say I was excited to take the photo below similar to ones she shows on her site.

Janine’s segment with Grace is focusing on eyes.  I picked up a trick or two that I’ll have to test out here sometime. All in all, it was such a cool experience being backstage with Maybelline. It was a thrill to be able to step outside the norms of my regular life and get a glimpse into the fashion world. It ranks up there as one of my all-time favorite moments of beauty blogging.

The videos we filmed will be ready next week so stay tuned! In the meantime, check out Maybelline’s coverage of Toronto fashion week here:

YouTube live streaming of fashion shows: YouTube.com/FashionWeekLive

Facebook: Facebook.com/MaybellineNewYork

Twitter: @MaybellineCan

Tumblr:   MaybellineCanada.Tumblr.com

Pinterest: Pinterest.com/maybellinecan

The above pic makes me laugh — me and my beloved orange Pippa bag. For the record, we were taking a pic to illustrate the ‘orange’ trend and Pippa had to be in the picture.


A big thank you to Grace, Katie and Maybelline Canada for thinking of LipstickRules — it was an honour!


    • Michelle says

      Thanks Sunny! It was such a great colour. The bag pic is kind of funny — it looks like I’m randomly carrying it…They actually wanted me to carry it for the picture as we were talking about orange.


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