It’s “Almost Lipstick” from Clinique

Remember I asked you to embrace the bold lipstick? I still want you to though I am realistic and understand that sometimes, you just aren’t in the mood to wear a statement lip. Some days you just want something that is easy to throw on that makes you look more alive, but not necessarily ‘made up.’ As a busy mom, I know this feeling only too well. On days like this, it’s products like sheer lipsticks and balms that come to the rescue. Clinique’s Almost Lipstick line falls right into this category.  Though the line is not new, there are seven new colours that have just launched, all inspired by cult beauty item, Black Honey.

I never actually jumped on the Black Honey lipstick bandwagon though I do have a Black Honey gel liner (I think!). I might have to rethink my stance as I’ve been enjoying these new colours. The hues range from natural nudes to pretty pinks to violets and reds.

Since these are so sheer,  your natural lip colour will shine through (see below) so each lipstick will look different on each person. Since I tend to favour bolder colours, I was naturally drawn to the brighter colours in the bunch such as Flirty and Luscious Honey.  For someone like me who’s used to more pigmentation, these were definitely very sheer. It does pack a punch in terms of shine, and the tint of colour adds a nice dimension. I guess you can get a similar effect with gloss but these don’t have the sticky or tacky feeling of many glosses, and the ability to apply like a lipstick makes it easy peasy.These felt very comfortable to wear though I do wish they had better staying power. I had to keep reapplying though maybe part of that is because I am used to more colour.

Overall, I think these are for you if you are a fan of Black Honey or prefer more of a sheer and glossy formula for lipsticks.

As for yours truly, I do like them though I think I’ll get more wear out of these in the warmer weather. I’m thinking already about the beach, and how nice these will be to throw into my beach bag. Summer can’t come soon enough, yes?

The new Almost Lipstick shades ($18) are available now at Clinique counters and on

Tell me: have you tried Black Honey? What are your thoughts on sheer lipsticks?


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  1. says

    I purchased Black Honey as a part of a set released long time ago at Sephora… I’ve worn in 5 times… it’s just not my favorite. The formula is alright, but even though it’s sheer I still find it a bit dark… I’ll pull it out of my stash one of these days, I don’t want it to go to waste, but I’m not repurchasing.

  2. says

    Ooh, good timing! I have been thinking of trying these. I kinda like Black Honey but it’s really too warm for me, and the color wears off almost instantly. Many years ago Clinique made three colors in this formula (or I only remember 3): Black Honey, some red thing, and Sheer Raspberry–a color I adored beyond words. Long discontinued, and I don’t really see anything in the current lineup that looks like it, but Luscious, Flirty, and Chic are at the top of my list to try.

    As for sheer lipstick … ♥ I adore sheer as long as it’s a bright color. Sheer + pale = blah.

    Thanks so much for swatching!

  3. di says

    I wore Black Honey and Fruit Ice back in the 90s, last time Almost Lipsticks had a full line. Loved them, but Black Honey is really too cool-toned for me in retrospect. I’ll be checking these out.

  4. Kristin says

    I use the Black Honey Superbalm moisturizing gloss, which I actually find has better staying power than the Almost Lipstick version. I agree with you about the Almost Lipsticks — they don’t last very long.


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