If there was such a thing as a makeup-gasm….my swap with Modesty Brown

If there was such a thing as a makeup-gasm, I had one when I saw opened a box of goodies sent by my blogger friend, Modesty Brown.

Modesty Brown, a.k.a., Jane, and I decided to embark upon an international makeup swap late this summer though because of our busy schedules, it ended up happening in the Fall. Jane is one of my favorite bloggers around. I feel we have so much in common, not just makeup. I’ve gotten to know her better via our blogs and on Twitter, and it was so much fun shopping for makeup with Jane in mind.

Not familiar with the swap concept? There are swaps you hear about where people trade used products for others. The swaps I’ve done, however, are for new products. Call it personalized, international makeup shopping.

Swapping is such a great way to experience products that you can’t get in your own country.  I’ve done it several times over the years, and the experiences have been very positive.  The best part about a swap? It’s not the makeup. For me it’s the friendships that develop as a result. Thanks to swaps I’ve gotten to know amazing people like Lydia, Laura, Jo, Louise, and Witoxcity and now, Jane.

I love everything Jane picked out for me, from the Sleek makeup palette to the nail varnishes. She knew to a tee the types of colours that I love. I’m particularly pumped about the Sleek palette, blush and Pout Paints. I’ve already been wearing them non-stop. Seriously, who needs the Naked Palette  when this Sleek palette is around? It’s full of gorgeous matte neutrals.

It’s quite amazing to think that a love of makeup can bring people together in such a way. Thanks again Jane!


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    Aw, I’m so pleased you like everything. It was such fun shopping for you. I had a similar makeup-gasm this side of the world when I opened the package you sent! Thank you so much for suggesting a swap and thank you also for being such a lovely blogger friend. I feel very lucky to have got to know lovely people from all over the world through chatter about makeup. Enjoy! xx

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