A Lipstick with My Name on It. Literally.

There’s nothing I love more than a new lipstick. You know this. Just the other week, I got a new lipstick — and it had my name on it. Literally. *Swoons*

The lipstick is Rose Parisen (#113), a Limited Edition colour from Yves St. Laurent’s new Pur Couture Golden Lustre collection. This collection of lip colours are subtly infused with yellow, white, and pink gold pearls, according to YSL.Rose Parisen looks like a bubblegum pink in the tube but on the lips it is softer.  It is more on the cool side but works well on warm toned skin like mine. It feels uber smooth  and moisturizing on the lips, and the golden/pink/white pearls makes my lips look totally luscious. Love!

And there’s something about pulling YSL’s golden tubes out of a purse that just exudes pure luxury. *Swoons* again.

There are 13 colours available in the collection, with each lipstick priced at $38CAN.  Available now exclusively at the Bay in Canada.

Thanks to YSL for sending such a lovely gift. You’ve made me one very happy lipstick junkie.

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