Blogging idol: Karen from Makeup & Beauty Blog and my hunt for MAC’s Sunbasque blush

If there is one blogger who influences many of my purchases, it is Karen from Makeup & Beauty Blog (MBB). She was one of the first bloggers I ever followed and I continue to look forward to her posts. I also love how connected she is with her readers and Twitter followers — with thousands of fans and followers, it’s amazing to me that she still takes the time to respond to comments and tweets. I am always so in awe when she responds to my tweets.

Why do I love her blog? She has great taste in makeup and our skintones are very similar. Most importantly, I admire her writing styleΒ  — she has a sense of humour and is totally honest. She is truly one of my blogging idols.Β  When Karen recommends something, I am rarely disappointed when I pick up the product. One of my favorite MBB features is MAC Unsung Heroes, where she features products from MAC that she thinks are da bomb.

When she features something I have in my collection, I feel it’s an affirmation of a good product and am proud to own it. If I don’t have it, I get this sudden urge to shop as the ‘need’ for the product escalates.

The most recent Unsung Hero that I lacked was MAC’s Sunbasque blush.

When Karen posted about it, I ran to my box (yes, box) of MAC blushes and rifled through the cases to find it. I must have it, I thought. When I came up empty handed, the urge to shop for it got the best of me. At my local MAC counter, I tried to exercise some restraint. I will only swatch it, I thought. Well, you know what happened next.Β  It came home with mama.

Sunbasque is a product that can be a blush or a bronzer (a blonzer?). It looks fab in the summer with a tan. Love, love it.

Who is your blogging idol?


  1. says

    i love karen, too!
    i have bought the timeBalm concealer after her rave about it πŸ˜‰
    sunbasque looks great on you! it’s so nice for you to have such a fabulous blogger with a similar skintone, i think it’s a lot harder to find accurate swatches when you have a deeper skin.

    • Michelle says

      Thank you! This is what I love about blogs — we can relate to ‘real’ women trying products versus just seeing fashion shots. I have to check out the TimeBalm post again now πŸ™‚

  2. mee says

    This is really random but where did you get your earrings from? I’ve been searching all over for something similar..thank you:)

  3. Danielle says

    It looks great on you! I need to check this out next time I’m at MAC for sure. I love Karen! She was also the first blog I started reading. I love her writing style and the fact that she is so creative with her photos and her recommendations are usually spot on!

  4. says

    Karen was one of the main influences to blog. It’s also the Bay Area, CA Pinay connection too! I love her humor, style and writing.

    I would like to let you know when I get down on myself and question whether I have what it takes to keep my blog going. I remember something that YOU said in a past post about Blogging. You said, “Blog for yourself” or something like that. So thanks Michelle for keeping my spirits alive!

  5. says

    Echoing the love for Karen! She has excellent taste and her writing is always so witty and engaging.

    …And now I want Sunbasque too. It looks lovely on you!

  6. says

    Karen is my blogging idol too, she is one amazing lady who knows beauty! I love her MAC Unsung Heros posts also, and picked up Patina recently because of these πŸ™‚

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