Blogging idol: Karen from Makeup & Beauty Blog and my hunt for MAC’s Sunbasque blush

If there is one blogger who influences many of my purchases, it is Karen from Makeup & Beauty Blog (MBB). She was one of the first bloggers I ever followed and I continue to look forward to her posts. I also love how connected she is with her readers and Twitter followers — with thousands of fans and followers, it’s amazing to me that she still takes the time to respond to comments and tweets. I am always so in awe when she responds to my tweets.

Why do I love her blog? She has great taste in makeup and our skintones are very similar. Most importantly, I admire her writing style  — she has a sense of humour and is totally honest. She is truly one of my blogging idols.  When Karen recommends something, I am rarely disappointed when I pick up the product. One of my favorite MBB features is MAC Unsung Heroes, where she features products from MAC that she thinks are da bomb.

When she features something I have in my collection, I feel it’s an affirmation of a good product and am proud to own it. If I don’t have it, I get this sudden urge to shop as the ‘need’ for the product escalates.

The most recent Unsung Hero that I lacked was MAC’s Sunbasque blush.

When Karen posted about it, I ran to my box (yes, box) of MAC blushes and rifled through the cases to find it. I must have it, I thought. When I came up empty handed, the urge to shop for it got the best of me. At my local MAC counter, I tried to exercise some restraint. I will only swatch it, I thought. Well, you know what happened next.  It came home with mama.

Sunbasque is a product that can be a blush or a bronzer (a blonzer?). It looks fab in the summer with a tan. Love, love it.

Who is your blogging idol?

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