Frost Lipsticks – Yay Or Nay?

The other day I came across Thrills lipstick from MAC. Thrills is a Limited Edition lipstick that, at the time, was one I felt ‘I-must-have-or-else’ lipstick. The fact that it was a copper colour and a frost didn’t deter me. It should have because I haven’t worn Thrills much since that first week. That’s how it’s gone with me and a lot of Limited Edition products.

I’ve tried to wear Thrills a couple of times lately just to use it up a bit more. I like it but not as much as I did when I got it. 
Despite the prettiness of Thrills, it doesn’t well, thrill me anymore. You see, frost lipsticks and I are not a match made in heaven. I just don’t like the finish on my lips. I think it is better suited to younger women, not someone of my vintage I don’t think. 
What do you think of frost lipsticks? Yay or Nay? Any favorites? Any ones that didn’t work for you?


  1. Lydia says

    Frost lipsticks and I are not friends (and I doubt we ever will be). When I swatch Frost lipsticks they are gorgeous. But once I but them on I feel like my complexion looks duller and like I am trying to revive an 80s trend better left in the past.

  2. meredith says

    I say yay….in the right circumstances. I think a frost can look 'right' with the proper gloss/liner combination. Frosts have a bad 80's slash old lady rep and I would like to see a company turn that around!

  3. Arezu says

    I don't like frost lipsticks either. Granted I only have one. I can't wear it by its self, it would have to be layered with a cream lipgloss.

  4. The Student's Guide To Nail Polish says

    Naaaaaaaay. Unless it is just to bring a bit of interest to a nude, no. I was actually in Superdrug today, and I swatched an MUA lipstick (Shade 10) liked it, and bought it along with some tinted lip balms. Got outside, viewed the swatch in the sunlight and immediately returned it – the frost in it was just too much. Got home, cracked open the Superdrug own brand tinted "pearl" lip balm I'd bought and that was even worse – it was like white, frosty lipstick! Pity I can't return that, but I'm tempted to complain because it really is awful.

    Sorry about the essay. I am NOT a frost fan at the moment.

  5. Tracy@Beauty Reflections says

    I'm not big on frosts either. I have Thrills too, which I think looks good in the summer with a tan, which of course is something I never am hahaha.

  6. Amyboo says

    Unfortunately, frost lipsticks don't look to good on me. They look pretty in the tube, gorgeous on the hand, but awkward on the lips!

  7. h-factor v 2.0 says

    the lone wolf, lol—i love MAC frost(but only MAC frost-finish)lipsticks. it think its more of a formula thing than an affinity for the actual finish, if that make sense. bombshell is really pretty on a lot of people i know. 🙂

    • Circosan says

      I am right there with you h-factor– i ❤ frost lipsticks. I find women who gravitate towards wearing & liking frosty lips are generally more assertive alpha-female types. I tend to keep my eye makeup toned down but my lips are center stage (semi frosty finish, all-out for night).

  8. Mitz says

    I say yay AND nay, it depends on the color and the occasion. Some are really cute and some look pretty cheap I think. I kind of have a love/hate thing going on with them myself. Thrills really does look nice on you though!

  9. Esther says

    I'm not a big fan of frost finishes. While those are lovely colors, I feel like frost brings out the lines in lips more than any other finish.

  10. Claire@Eyelining says

    Not a fan of the frost personally. I think it can look very dated but not in a good retro way like matte finishes do. I bought Pet me Please from Fabulous Felines and have regretted it ever since… x

  11. pinks says

    i'm not a big fan as someone mentioned, it reminds me of bad 80s makeup for some reason lol..but in terms of thrills l/s i love it. I think its a perfect lipcolour for indian outfits with the slight gold in has in it

  12. says

    I have never tried out a frost lipstick. I have no idea how it would look on me but I don't think it would score any points in my book either.

  13. Tamara--MochaMishMash says

    Frosts aren't my favorite finish. I have Thrills too and seriously have worn it like three times.


    They can be ok if they aren't in-your-face frosty. I hadn't seen Thrills before and I really like it. I think the fact that it isn't a pink or other really light color saves it from being over the top. It looks pretty on you! 🙂

  15. Jacquelyn says

    Frost finish lipsticks are not my thing. I have a few of them but the most drying one that I own is Strayin form Hello Kitty.

  16. Get Gawjus! says

    I personally cannot pull of frost finishes as they do not suit my not-so-full lips. I've noticed people with fuller lips can get away with it easily for some reason. Looks pretty on you!

  17. The Rhapsode says

    I… really… dislike frost lipsticks… I mean, I've been trying them out since I was a teen, so it's definitely not an age issue, I just HATE the way they look on me! If I want frost or metallic, I'll just go with a lip gloss thank you very much. I recently purchased two CoverGirl Lip Perfection lipsticks to find out, to my horror, that they were FROSTS *face palm.* Creams, satins and mattes all the way, baby!

  18. ladyhaly says

    Most of the time, nay. They make me look ugly for some reason. I only own one frost lipstick that I use and won't throw away and it's NYX Indian Pink. It's a corally pink with gold frosty finish. I think I tend to hate frosty lipsticks because they make me look dead. A lot of the frost have cool undertones— whether it's silver or iridescent blue or whatnot, it just usually doesn't work for me. It dulls my complexion and deters attention from my eyes. NYX Indian Pink works for me because the frost is gold and it's coral pink. Definitely meant for warm skin tones (and it reminds me of NARS Orgasm).

  19. maryfair says

    Frosts show every wrinkle inyoru lip and shouldn’t be worn by anyone over about 25 in my book.

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