Lipstick Loving: Revlon Colorburst in Rosy Nude, Fuchsia and Raspberry

Revlon ColorBurst lipsticks are getting a lot of lovin’ on beauty blogs lately, including this one. I couldn’t resist picking up a few more over the last few weeks since Soft Rose entered my lipstick rotation. Here is a look at Rosy Nude, Fuchsia, and Raspberry.

Rosy Nude is a pretty neutral. It is a bit darker than it appears in this lighting so I would say that as a nude colour, this would be better suited to medium to darker skin tones. It’s one of those easy colours to just slap on and feel instantly sophisticated. I haven’t seen this one get a lot of attention but it is definitely worth a look in my opinion.

Raspberry is a gorgeous alternative if you’re looking for a ‘softer’ red. It is very wearable and has a nice sheen. I think this could suit many many skintones.

Fuchsia is a colour you wear if you’re looking to make a statement. It is bold and beautiful! It adds instant brightness to your face. It has more blue-undertones to it and is on the cooler side but I think still very wearable for warm-toned girls like me.

More swatches 

Overall, I like the Revlon Colorburst lipsticks. The sleek black packaging is a step above other drug store brand lipsticks, and the formulation overall is nice. It is creamy enough and has good lasting power. That said, while these are nice, I wouldn’t classify them as Holy Grail status for me – this continues to be held by Chanel Rouge Coco’s Mademoiselle. 
Have you found your “Holy Grail” lipstick? 
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