Week in Review: Mai Beauty, MAC Superglass and YSL FOTDs

Stella lipstick from Mai Beauty

I’ve had a fun week playing with makeup and thought I’d do a round-up of my makeup adventures over the past few days.

Greta lipstick from Mai Beauty
I’ve been testing out some mineral-based lipsticks from Canadian brand Mai Beauty. The first two I tried out from the line was a pretty coral called Stella and a hot pink called Greta. I topped it off with Mai’s clear lipgloss for an extra shine. Full review to come in the coming week with swatches of all the lipsticks in her collection!
YSL on Friday. This was taken later in the evening right before I got the kids to bed. Didn’t have my camera with me at the event sadly for a ‘fresh’ look at the excellent look that Martin created.

On Friday I went to visit my new “makeup counter BFF” Martin (manicuresandmartinis.ca), a specialist with L’Oreal, who was working the YSL event at Holt’s. Martin did my eyes in a way that he calls ‘very YSL spring’ — using greens and pinks to create a look that I never thought would work for me. In the end, I loved it! I did do some minor haulage including YSL’s new Faux Cils mascara (more details on the goodies to come this week)
Here’s a closer look at how Martin did my eyes — he tightlined my upper eyes with a dark green and the lower lash with a teal green and pink shadow. A contact lens wearer, I was blinking like a madwoman while this was happening. I must have looked pretty goofy to passerbys.
Also on Friday, I came home to see a new lippie to try out from MAC — one of its upcoming Superglass lipglsosses! Superglasses are like amped up Dazzleglasses with way more sparkle. Very pretty if you like sparkley glosses. The tube is shaped differently too — this one is more of an octagon shape versus the traditional round. The colour I got to test is Superflash, a pretty hot pink, right up my alley. The sparkle reminds me of glittery nail polish. 
Superflash Superglass from MAC

Superflash looks like a bright pink in the tube but it is sheer applied on my pigmented lips. It is quite sticky like a Dazzleglass and the sparkles are definitely much larger than the sparkles in Dazzleglass. 
For me, the best way to wear Dazzleglass and in this Superglass is on top of lipstick. Here and in the photo above with the pink sweater I’ve paired it with YSL Rouge Volupte in Pink Caress, which I’ve raved about lately. Love how glossy and shimmery my lips look with this combo.
Today I was inspired to wear navy liner after reading Belle Du Jour‘s post on navy liners. I wore one of MAC’s new Pearglide liners (can’t remember the name!), NARS Sheer Glow (Fiji, which is the wrong colour for me btw, grrrr), NARS Riviera Multiple (love this! Review to come), and Lise Watier’s Vintage Moderne lipstick and Vintage Peach Plumplissimo lipgloss (love the combo, review to come!)

That’s it — what adventures have you had with makeup this week?


  1. TiffanyMonet says

    Superflash is so pretty! I must pick one up.
    Thanks for sharing. xo T


  2. Arianne (Glitter Geek) says

    No makeup adventures for me! *sad* I'm saving up for Chanel and NARS. And I should, right? 😉

    I like your navy liner / peach lips FOTD! Very pretty! That's one of my fave colour combinations. 🙂

  3. Jane says

    I pretty much wore the same makeup everyday this week. I was addicted to my new Nars Oasis blush! I love the pink lips!


  4. RaeRae says

    In the last picture your blush is gorgeous- it's given you a real glow!
    Now you're going to tell me you're not wearing any and you're naturally that lovely lol…

    My adventure in makeup this week has been finding a mascara that does gorgeous things to my lashes 😀

  5. Lipstick Rules says

    Thanks ladies!!

    @RaeRae: Not a natural glow at all. LOL. The glow was courtesy of NARS Riviera Multiple! I will do a review soon.

  6. scarlettholly says

    I don't have any navy liners – I should definitely correct that. The Superflash look fun, although I'm not a huge glittery gloss person. Does it feel gritty?

  7. Lipstick Rules says

    @Catherine @AnNeTtEe – thank you!

    @Scarlettholly: Navy is a great option! If you don't like glitter I don't this is for you. It doesn't feel gritty to me but the flecks of glitter are big.

  8. Lipstick Rules says

    @Shifa: thanks lady! I think it's kind of funny that I'm looking in different directions in all the photos. 😉

  9. Shadowy Lady says

    I love that last pic of you. so u didn't get any YSL lippies? I am shocked! lol! I haven't seen the superglasses yet, it has to wait till May for me 🙁

  10. Imo says

    That teal look is kovely on brown eyes…im going to try this and post a look inspired by this. Thanks Michelle 🙂


  11. Make it up! says

    playing with make up? ohhh just love it! I think playing is that you can find some treasure looks, I've found some I'm pretty addicted to! Luv coming here 🙂

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