MAC’s Blooming Lovely Lipstick: How I Made it least for today

I had some regrets buying MAC’s Blooming Lovely but today I did find a way to wear it — and I actually liked it. I wore it with a smokey eye, cool toned blush and layered the lipstick with MAC Boldly Bare liner underneath the lipstick. Might have been a bit dramatic for disco bowling with the kids today but hey, I felt happy wearing it!

Here what I used:

Diorskin Nude foundation
MAC MSF Medium Plus

NARS Paris duo (dark grey and light grey)
Annabelle Ohmygoth liner (deep black)
Bourjois liner effect mascara

NARS Laguna bronzer
MAC Gentle mineral blush

MAC Blooming Lovely
MAC Boldly Bare

Here is a swatch again. I’m much happier with the colour now. I’m going to keep testing it out to see what else I can pair it with.


  1. Hollywood says

    Remind me of angel or gaga a lil bit Good Job I am glad you made it works I hate buying something and not being that excited when I got home…

  2. Ebru says

    You look lovely! And you know what? I totally understand you, because I'm going through the exact same thing with this lipstick. It looks horrible on me if I apply too much, so I just "dab" it on my lips. Lavender is just not my color I guess, it looked beautiful in the store ugh!

  3. Dye-A-Graham says

    I have such a hard time with colors of this type…as soon as I swipe it on my teeth go yellow…YIKES…not pretty. hahaha But you pull it off beautifully.

  4. Get Gawjus! says

    looks lovely on you gurl! not at all dramatic in my opinion 🙂 Infact it flatters your skin tone a lot 🙂 You made it look super wearable!

  5. So Very Fabulous says

    Looks great on you! Glad you were able to make this work. Of course you used Boldy Bare, of course that's not one of the lip liners I picked up from Too Fabulous and of course now I want it even more. 🙂

  6. Epidemic so so contagious says

    First of all this looks lovely on you :).

    I haven't picked blooming lovely up yet (blame late release dates in Europe for that)but I do own quite a few purple lipsticks and glosses. The way I found works best is like your picture, dark smokey eyes with a light pink blush just on the cheekbones and try combining the purple lipstick with MAC morning glory lipgloss. It's my HG look for purple lips 🙂

  7. suzieduck says

    i think it's looks great! for me it'll be an alternative nude lipstick. but if you're still not fond blooming lovely i'd gladly swap you for it LOL!

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