QOTD: Why do we like nude-coloured lipsticks?

Someone asked me the other day, why bother with a nude coloured lipstick if you’re trying to achieve a “no lipstick” look or a muted look. Why not just go au naturel?

I thought it was a great question. My response? A nude lipstick completes a look and is not necessarily meant to look like you aren’t wearing a lip colour.

I don’t think I gave her a satisfactory answer and I tend to agree. I’m not really sure why I’m always looking for and buying nude lip colours. So ladies, over to you — why do we wear nude lipsticks and why do we love them so much? 


  1. prettyface says

    I think you ARE right though- We wear nude, because it IS a color. Ya know- our lips are naturally a pink color, but we don't want pink. we want NUDE. Problem solved. HAHA!!

  2. Lady Gray says

    Because my lips are quite red and I like to experiment with beige's and pale colours because they are nothing like my actual lips!

  3. Noobarella says

    my lips are highly pigmented red, im super pale with red lipsm very snow white… as a child i was constantly complimented and i hated it! as soon as i discovered the world of beauty i was fake tanning and muting my lips into pale pink =D



    I love the nude color,and I love the natural beauty, so, actually, the nude comes just to give a "touch", for us girls who loves something on the lips :)))))

  5. Ebru says

    To me nude lips compliment smokey eyes perfectly! If you have a lot going on in the eyes, then you need the lips "muted" and what's better than wearing nude lipstick? Most people's lips aren't "nude" in color they are some shade of pink. So by not wearing any lip color, you're not really muting the lips, you're just leaving them bare. I also feel like there is no point of doing eye makeup and leaving lips bare. Nude colors are still colors and If you wanted to look like you're not wearing anything on your lips, then you would just leave them like they are. No lipstick = pink. The goal is to match your lips to the rest of your face.

  6. millmollmac says

    I like a nude lipstick for the same reason I like to wear foundation! It smooths and evens the tone of my lips – the more even they look, the prettier they look I think. They are still my lips, just a more polished version! x

  7. Catherine says

    I think nude lipstick isn't at all a no lipstick look! But I have fairly pigmented lips, so that may just be me lol. I agree with you – I think nude lipstick finishes a look and isn't necessarily meant to look like no lipstick. In addition, I think it's much more polished and balanced looking to wear a nude or MLBB lipstick while wearing a full face rather than to leave your lips bare.

  8. Andi says

    I love nude lipstick because I tend to always go with a smoky eye and I love that balance. And Nude is a color!! 🙂

  9. shakespeareandstilettos says

    because its a clever non-obvious way of shifting the focus to other facial features -so blanks out one feature (the lips) to play up others (eg. eyes, cheekbones etc) with your lips still looking mysterious and sexay! 🙂

  10. yummy411 says

    you always have such great questions! my answer is much like some others i've seen. the point isn't 'nude' lips, but to wear nude the color. it's a color, but a cool earth tone, not a bold one or a color to compete with other colors. i like pink nude heels, slate gray nails, stone colored purses… just a color family i like!

  11. Stephie says

    Good question! I like nude colors because my lips are naturally quite pink, so creamy nude lip colors are great to balance out my eye makeup. When I wear nude I'm not going for a no lipstick look… I'm going for nude 🙂

  12. Askmewhats says

    I don't wear much nude lippie unless i have super smokey eyes! I am not a nude lippie lover because I look sick on regular days with non-colored lips 🙂

  13. Jess says

    … simply because I think that wearing a nude lipstick / lipgloss does not look the same as bare lips! Haha… :p

  14. glitteryeyesxx says

    Because most ppl don't have "NUDE" lips. I don't know about all you ladies, but my lips are waaay too pigmented for my liking. It's so damn pink! I like to mute it out with a nude lipstick because I feel like it makes the mouth look more defined and plumper, especially when paired off with a lipgloss.

    And hey, to each her own! You shoulda told this person that if a girl wants to, she could be "bothered" all she wants with any damn color she wants to put on her lips! ;]

  15. Lala says

    Lol… I haven't jumped on the nude lip bandwagan yet – I'm soooo behind! But I've just ordered some l/s so hopefully will soon! 🙂
    So I can't answer your question… lol

  16. Rock that Look says

    I agree with the others – I think it makes my lips look bigger and offers variety for my pigmented lips 🙂

  17. TiffanyMonet says

    Nude lipstick looks good with a smokey eye and makes my lips look nice and plump. =)


  18. Anonymous says

    Can you please show us your collection and swatches on lips of your nude lippies? I'm trying to find the perfect nude lipstick for my uber dark pigmented lips. I tried the raved Gosh Darling, MAC Myth & Hue, and Revlon Nude Attitude but I ended up looking dead or having concealer lips. I'm desperate for a go to nude lippy please help!!!

  19. Nicole says

    like many, i do it to mute our the pigmentation of my lips 🙂 and who doesn't love a nudey pink lip – we are not all naturally blessed with lips like that

  20. Lydia says

    I think that, apart from the "black eyes, nude lips" rule, women who like nude lipsticks are women who tend to achieve the "non visible" make-up look. That sort of look which makes you appear perfect in your own colors. Call it illusion make-up, the one what enhances your natural features and covers up flaws (if there are any).

    Or simply women who have a boyfriend like mine, who doesn't like bright lips 😀

  21. LindseyLoodles says

    I think inside each one of us who wears nude lipstick there is an appreciation (dare I say, aspiration?) for the porn star look. Plus it's called nude- reminds us of being naked! Ha ha ha that is my theory and I'm sticking to it!

  22. Lydia says

    I don't really know about porn stars to be honest, but there is no appreciation or aspiration for that look in me. Also, I guess I've always thought they had more do do with that hideous bubblegum-pink color, more than nude

  23. Lipstick Rules says

    @Lindsey and @Lydia: I'm seriously laughing out loud. too fun.

    thanks for all the insights ladies!

    @Anonymous: I will do a post about my favorite nudes..lipsticks that is!


  1. […] Nude lipstick is meant to enhance the lips without being dramatic. It’s nice for an everyday natural look. I find that they are usually worn by ladies who have pink/red or dark lips and who want them to look more beige. Some women also feel nude lipsticks make their lips look bigger. They can also draw attention away from your lips to bring the focus to your eyes or cheekbones. I looked for some responses online as to why some women are into nude lipsticks and I found this nice link from 2010 at lipstickrules.com. They ask the question “why do we like nude-coloured lipsticks?.” You can check out the answers here. […]

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